Which Hairstyles Should you Create for Looking Unique at Weddings?

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We have a very interesting guest today Miranda from “Best Flat Iron”. She has dug down 30 top hairstyles to look absolutely stunning at weddings.

It is precisely a fact that girls love to look beautiful not only on a regular basis, but also on special occasions to shine with confidence and poise. In fact, getting ready for particular events like weddings is a great fun and also gives an opportunity to try out different looks by having lovely dresses accompanied with a perfect hairstyles. As I love to experiment with my looks, so I try different hairstyles for various occasions for a perfect look. So, here I have come up with the wedding hairstyles that girls must try out to show their inherited beauty and incredible looks .


Which Hairstyles Should you Create for Looking Unique at Weddings?

Hair being the crucial part of a woman’s personality need to be perfectly groomed and styled to present their beauty and style in a sophisticated manner. It becomes all the more important to style your hair perfectly when you are going to weddings. So, get ready to be styled with different hairstyles for special occasions that make you look elegant and stylish with perfectly done hairstyles. So, let’s take a look at the hairstyles perfect for looking unique on weddings.

1.      Messy bun

messy bun - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The messy bun is a style bun for all the formal occasions and suits every type of dress with perfection. Moreover, it’s called “messy bun,” so you need not to get hefty preparations for getting it done accurately, as it takes only five minutes to be done with perfection. You can also decorate your bun with gem studded pins or any hair accessories of your choice, and you are ready to rock the look.

2.      Curly Twisted Hair Do

Curly Twisted Hair Do - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The most sought after hairstyle for weddings is the curly twisted hairdo that comprises of a braid, tendrils, curls and side twist to have a lovely and nicely done low bun. It certainly makes your hair appear voluminous with lots of bounce and texture.

3.      Side Sweep Hairstyle

Side Sweep Hairstyle - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

If you desire to wear a formal hairstyle that makes you look incredibly different at weddings, then having a side sweep hairstyle is precisely a must option for you. It is particularly a perfect hairdo for all those women who have medium to long hair to make a style statement.

4.      Wavy Half Hairdo

wavy Half-Up Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

So, you are ready to rock your friend’s wedding and need a semi formal hairstyle that is interesting enough to make a fashion statement, then getting a wavy half hairdo would do the job for you. It makes you look stylish with elegance, and you are geared up to go to a wedding party.

5.      Bubble Braid

Bubble Braid - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

A famous hairdo in the eighties, the bubble braid, is a perfect hairstyle for those girls who sport a long hair look and need to experiment with their looks. It involves having the low ponytail and places a gap between all the subsequent sections by securing them with an elastic band and tug up the hair to add volume to the hair.

6.      Stylish Beach Waves

Stylish Beach Waves - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

Planning to go to a party with a proper formal code accompanied with a long gown, all you need is the stylish and gorgeous beach waves that make you look super fresh and elegant.

7.      Loose Curls

Loose Curls - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

Need to go to a beach wedding then try out the classy look with the loose curls that make you look stylish with fantastic ease and perfection. So, you are required to curl your hair using your favorite curling iron to get the perfectly styled curls, and you are set to go.

8.      Braided Crown Bun

Braided Crown Bun - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The braided crown bun is ideal for all those girls who have medium to long hair with a rough texture that can be represented with style and elegance. It helps to create a beautiful, messy bun with a braided crown that adds panache to your dress.

9.      Side Swept Chignon

Side Swept Chignon - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

Side swept chignon is a classic hairstyle that adds compliments to your looks as it works perfectly well on medium to long hair. Get your bangs and tie the rest of the hair into a side ponytail and curl them with  one inch curling wand to create amazing curls and tie them into a bun to carry a stylish look with confidence.

10.  Twisted Layers

Twisted Layers - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

If you prefer to try out with a different look on weddings, then having the twisted layers would do the job for you perfectly. It involves the styling of hair into few rows descending like a series of small waterfalls accompanied with the low pony to add the glam effect.

11.  Mermaid Braid

Mermaid Braid - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The stylish mermaid braid adds to the glam quotient of your personality if you don a long hair look with lots of volume in the hair. It is an intricate styling braid that surely makes you stand apart from the crowd by winning many compliments.

12.  Twisted Sister Hairdo

Twisted Sister Hairdo - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The twisted sister hairdo would go amazing with long hair, but you need to secure it with pins as if you hit the dance floor too hard as it can fall quickly. It, in fact, gives you  an ultra glamorous look with twisted hair that is nicely done in a low bun.

13.  Flower Bun

Flower Bun - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

If you need to shine with a unique hairstyle that makes you smart then enhancing your looks with a flower bun is a great style for your long hair. You can twist hair the one inch of hair taken from both sides and join them together with an elastic band. Then create three low braids and twist them into a bun and untie the upper twisted hair and secure them around the bun with pins and you are done.

14.  Curved Twist

Curved Twist - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

To make your hair look more glamorous at the wedding occasions, you can try the curved twist that is ideal for medium hair with thick texture. You can go for the side twist that covers the head and falls on the nape to offer the stylish looks that make you shine in the crowd.

15.  Thick Curled Updo

Thick Curled Up Do - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

If you have thick hair texture, then you must try out the thick curled up do that makes a high bun of thick curls with the front side straightly done. It makes your long gown look classy and elegant.

16.  Wavy Tendrils

Wavy Tendrils - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

Get the wavy tendrils by simply having the puffy hairdo for the front section and go for the side locks to be tied around the puffed part, and curl the rest of the hair with your preferred curling iron to be ready for  the perfect weddings.

17.  Twisted Braid Hold

Twisted Braid Hold - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The thin hair can be aesthetically styled in a twisted braid hold that makes the hair look classy by just wrapping the side braid around the ponytail and secure its ends with Bobby pins. It is ideal hairdo to flaunt with short to medium length hair.

18.  High Bun

High Bun - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

High Bun is precisely a classic look that you may never go wrong with as it adds confidence to your personality with élan. You can carry this look with any of your gown and get a stylish look that makes you noticeable with poise and enigma.

19.  Hollywood Waves

Hollywood Waves - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The Hollywood waves offer the stylish vintage look that makes you ultra glamorous with incredible poise, and you can carry this look with any of your dresses to look preferably elegant. You can secure this look using the one-inch curling wand starting from the bottom to the top of the given sections horizontally and brush the curls downwards and use the clips to define the waves and loose them, and you are ready to go.

20.  Infinity Braid Updo

Infinity Braid Up do - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The infinity braid up do would make you stylish as it can compliment your outfit on the wedding occasions. So, divide your hair into three sections and make a French braid for the left section and do the simple three-knot braid for two sections. Now make a bun of a central braid and tie the French braid around it and finally wrap the side braid on the middle bun to get the desired look.

21.  Half-Up Bouffant

Half-Up Bouffant - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The half up bouffant is ideally suited for girls with medium to long hair as it adds a bounce and volume to the hair. Make a deep side part and tease the crown area and make a bouffant and secure it with pins to get excellent looks.

22.  Curly Side Pony

Curly Side Pony - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

If you are heading to a beach wedding, then wearing the curly side pony would make you look amazingly beautiful as it enhances your personality with grace and style.

23.  French Braid Crown

French Braid Crown - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The French braid crown adds to fresh looks by simply having the French braids from the front section of hair from both sides and knotted together on the back of hair with rest of hair remaining loose. It brings the elegance of childhood beauty to your personality and makes you shine with lots of positivity.

24.  Easy Updos for Medium Hair

Easy Up does for Medium Hair - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The medium size hair can be made glamorous with a smooth, low side bun that can be accessorized with gem studded hair pins and much more to look classy and elegant.

25.  Off the Shoulder Curls

Off the Shoulder Curls - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The off shoulder curls would give an amazing style to your personality as it is ideally suited for the high profile weddings. So, sweep your hair to one shoulder and curl them for adding extra glamour and sheen.

26.  Low Bun with Curled side Tendrils

low bun with side trendils - wedding hairstyles - aimzfolio

If you are going to attend a countryside wedding with a beautiful gown, then having a low bun with curled side tendrils would make you look like a princess. You can carry this look with elegance to appear more beautiful.

27.  Trendy Bangs for Pixie Cut

Trendy Bangs for Pixie Cut - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

If you have a pixie cut, then you can look your best at the wedding by having the stylish bangs that are created by brushing the front section of your hair forward and using a hairspray to keep them in place.

28.  Reverse French Braid

Reverse French Braid - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The reverse French braid offers the elegant style that makes you enjoy the wedding in the well managed reverse French braid that goes downwards from the center of your head. You can continue till you reach the ends and tuck the remaining hair under the braid to get the desired hairdo.

29.  High Top Knot

High Top Knot - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

Need to have a trendy look at your best friend’s wedding, then you can try out the high top knot that keeps your hair tied in a beautiful bun at the crown of your head. You can also add extra volume in the front section of hair to give it a classy look.

30.  Wide Waves

Wide Waves - Wedding Hairstyles - AimzFolio

The wide waves look classy in the traditional church weddings, and it also makes you look glamorous by adding the vintage touch with style. So, you can also accessorize it by wearing a hat that certainly makes you look super stylish.


Hair styling is something that you can’t go wrong with to ensure that you look your best with your precious locks that must be in sync with your face shape and the dress you are going to wear on special occasions and particularly weddings. So, try out the different hairstyles mentioned above on the wedding parties and you are surely going to win many hearts with your sophisticated looks and ideally suited hairstyles. Stay stylish by experimenting with the must have looks for rocking any wedding party with style and dignity.

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