Hair Terms from A-Z – All you need to learn as a Hairstylist!

Hair Terms A-Z

Wanna learn the ABCs of Hair Terms? 😀 LOL

It seems funny but it’s actually quite fun if you’re into Hair styling or Beauty for that matter.

Alphabet a


Activator “activates” the chemical processes that allow the hair color to be deposited into the hair shaft. Also known as developer.


Alphabet b

obby Pins:

It is, usually metallic or plastic, a kind of sprung hair pin or small clip.



Alphabet c


Form or caused to form hair into spiral or curved shape. Some are naturally born with curly hair, others use different techniques to convince their hair to spring up.


alphabet dry Shampoo:

Typically, dry shampoos come in spray or powder form, and the best dry shampoos not only soak up oil, they clean hair, water-free, and leave you smelling fresh. (Resource)


alphabet e


Hair extensions, also called hair weaves, are lengths of real or synthetic hair that are closely attached to a person’s scalp, adding length and/or thickness to the person’s own natural hair. (Resource)

alphabet f


Fringes are usually cut fairly straight at or above the eyebrows, but it can also be ragged or ruffled, spiked up with hair gel, mousse or wax, swept to one side or the other, or cut longer to fall over the eyes. (Resource)


alphabet g raduation:

A graduated haircut is a type of haircut that includes many different layers. This type of cut can also be referred to as a wedge cut or an angled cut. This haircut is usually given to people who want to keep hair layers long, while still providing hair with a fair amount of body. A graduated haircut can also denote shorter hair that is cut at an angle.


alphabet h


Basically highlights are (at least) 2 tones lighter than your natural color. Hair highlighting/lowlighting refers to changing a person’s hair color, using lightener or hair color to color hair strands. There are four basic types of highlights: foil highlights, hair painting, frosting, and chunking. Highlights can be done in natural or unnatural colors.

alphabet i


Interlocking, also known as tree braiding, is the art form of braiding natural hair in cornrows & at the same time adding and releasing loose strands of hair. It is one of the best kept secrets in hair extensions & the healthiest form of hair extensions available today. (Resource)

alphabet j ojoba Oil:

Jojoba Oil is the liquid produced in the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) plant, a shrub, which is native to southern Arizona, southern California, and northwestern Mexico. The oil makes up approximately 50% of the jojoba seed by weight. (Resource)


alphabet k

notted Hair:

It is a unique technique of creating beautiful hairstyles by knotting peaces of hair strands together. Knots can be made into buns, updos, headband, pretty much anything you like. (Find Knotted Hairstyles Here)

alphabet l

ob Cut:

Lob is short for long-bob. Almost anyone can wear a lob unless your hairstylist told you so. 



alphabet m


Messy hair was all the range since two years back. Untamed tousled hairstyles always seem so irresistibly charming and effortless that you simply can’t turn down their overwhelming appeal. (Find the right messy hairstyles for you)


alphabet n


The most commonly used scale for the classification of hair loss.


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 mbrealphabet o:

Ombré describes the gradual blending of one color hue to another, usually moving tints and shades from light to dark. (Resource)


alphabet p


Plaiting hair is the basic skill required when applying many hair extensions. Once you’ve mastered the plait, then you can braid, cornrow and etc. (Resource)


alphabet q

 – Switch

A device that produces short intense bursts of energy from a laser. 



alphabet r


Razor Cut is a short or tapered haircut effected with a razor.



alphabet s

plit ends:

Split ends are the tip of a person’s hair which has split from dryness or ill-treatment.


alphabet t exture:

When we refer to hair as being ‘fine’, ‘medium’ or ‘coarse’, we mean that each hair is fine, medium or coarse. The texture of hair is determined by its circumference and the condition of the cuticle. (Resource) 


alphabet u


An updo is a hair style that involves arranging the hair instead of allowing it to fall freely. It can be as simple as a ponytail, but is more commonly associated with more elaborate styles intended for special occasions such as a prom or wedding. (Resource)


alphabet v


Having hair volume means how tall your roots can stand up. There are many ways to get volume in hair. 


alphabet w


Hair wax is a thick hair styling product containing wax, used to assist with holding the hair. In contrast with hair gel, most of which contain alcohol, hair wax remains applicable and has less chance of drying out. (Resource)

alphabet x


X or criss crossing two bobby pins together can hold your hairstyle for twice the time then sliding them straight. 


alphabet y


You Only Live Once 😉 


alphabet z ig Zag:

A jagged line is fun and casual and flatters any face shape. To do a zigzag part, simply part the hair in a straight line as normal. Then, using the wide-toothed end of the styling comb, ‘cut’ a triangle of hair on one side of the line and comb it back across the line. Move to the other side of the line and repeat the process, working your way back. The depth and width of the zigs and zags depends largely on the density of the hair and the overall style you are creating. (Resource)

Now I know my ABCs , Next time won’t you sing with me? 😉 😛 

Hope you learned some new Hair terms today 😛 

Have a great Hair Day!

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  1. I’m not a hairstylist but it was fun to read through these! My grandmother has a beauty shop in her house and I grew up watching her style hair. I felt like I should have known more of these terms than I did!

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