How To Follow Through a Habit and Become a Self-Growth Champ?


The idea of magical transformation and self-growth inspires us all. And let’s admit it, we’ve all been fascinated by one or another such movie, TV show, or music video where we see people going through miraculous transformations. Movies like The Karate Kid and Clueless surely are interesting, with all the ordinary people becoming masters of something or ugly duckling turning into a swan, but such transformations are far from reality.

But that doesn’t mean magical transformations aren’t real.

It’s all about how we define magic.

For me, magic is the power of your own mind that can be used for working on a goal or in developing a habit with determination and consistency. Magic is working on your self-growth goals with patience.

But that’s not what the media shows us.

Why? Because the media and brands thrive by selling us the idea of magical transformations.

The ‘before and after’ photos, the unrealistic portrayal of life on TV shows and social media, they’re nothing but an illusion. What’s real is your own ability to develop habits that can help you step on the path of self-growth.


How To Use the Power of Habits To Get Started With Self-Growth?

Being able to start working on a habit and following through it requires some patience and motivation.

Don’t worry if it sounds difficult because we have a few tips that can help you in following through the habits you want to develop.


1. Know What You Want

Most of us end up failing in developing a habit because we’re not sure what we actually want. Get rid of the scattered thoughts and decide on the habits that you want to develop. Maybe you want to be regular in meditation. Maybe you want to start eating healthy. To get started, have a clear vision on your purpose or aim.

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2. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Having an unrealistic goal won’t help with your self-growth goals. To be able to follow through a habit, it’s better to have doable and realistic targets. It doesn’t mean you can’t be ambitious – but if you think you’ve wasted 5-15 years of your life, you can’t compensate for all that wasted time in only 5-15 days. Instead of expecting to be able to develop 10-15 new habits in a month or so, work on 2-4 habits at a time.

Remember, self-growth is not a race.

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3. Have a Strong ‘Why’

You’ll feel more motivated if you know what a habit is going to help you achieve.

You don’t have to meditate simply because few blog posts on the internet told you to.

But if you know that meditation or working out regularly will help you become a better version of yourself or resolve some of your emotional or physical issues, you’ll feel more inspired to follow through those habits.


4. Stay Accountable

Accountability can do wonders for you in following through a habit. So, join a group of people who’re working on similar goals or ask your family or friends to keep you accountable. You can keep yourself accountable by writing a journal daily.


If you need some more motivation, check out this free Monthly Win Calendar that has helped many people achieve their goals.


And remember, no matter how the idea of following through a habit and becoming a better version of yourself might seem difficult right now, you can only make it happen if you dare to make a new start.

Don’t let the media and the internet overwhelm you with their chatter about magical transformations. Believe in your own magic and weave your own unique journey.


Let us know what you think about our tips in the comments section. Also, share with us what methods you’ve found useful in following through a habit.

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