2 Simplest Steps to Get Wherever you Wanna Go | Get what you want in life

The answer to achieving things in life often lies in simple steps. These 2 simple yet extremely powerful steps teach us to how to get to where we wanna go in life to create the life we want. Get what you want in life.


Step #1 Do What You Don’t like to Do

You must be wondering I was here to tell you the two steps to get whatever I want and here you are telling me to do what I don’t like to do. Allow me to explain that.

I want to be a successful business owner and want to share my knowledge with the world out there. I love to grow as a person and see others around me grow as well. This is what I like but I m a complete introvert.

If I were to do what I want to do, I’ll be alone the entire day. I won’t be around on social media. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t on any social media platform for a major part of my life. I was literally forced to make a Facebook account by my siblings. Even then I wasn’t keen on using it. Funny thing, my entire family had the password to that account and I never knew what it was that they were doing with my account. It was just there. Lying forlorn and forgotten by its rightful owner.

That was sometime back, now I’d say things have evolved. I am on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, on all major social media platforms out there.

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Look at the Bigger Picture

I still don’t really like being there. I can definitely say I don’t enjoy it.

But the important thing is, it lets me do what I want to do. I want t share my knowledge. I want to spread all the mines of meaningful information my mind has built upon over time. That’s how I do what I really wish to do by going out of the way somewhere in between.

I go a little against my joy to achieve what I really want in life. On your way to success, on your way to achieving whatever you want in life, not everything is going to be as you desire. There are times you have to go a little out of the way.

Many of us often do that already. We do things that don’t quite resonate with us to get what we want. That can be anything from making up with a boss you don’t like at work to perhaps a family member who keeps rising issues.

So, if you are absolutely sure this one thing you don’t quite like can ultimately help you in achieving your goal, just do it. Get out of your comfort zone.


Step #2 Talk to Yourself the Way You Like to be Talked to

I realize it’s not easy to do the things that you don’t want to do. This step will help you do just that.

I am not keen on ever talking to anyone in a harsh way or being rude to anyone for no reason.  Many of us don’t like to do that. But I realized in 2017 that I have been talking to myself very rudely.  It was spoiling things for me.

I was constantly pumping my mind with negative perceptions about myself. I was too concerned about any mistake that I made and used to pull out a good scolding upon myself. Even if all this was only going on inside my mind, it was deeply affecting the outer me. I was losing my positive vibes. I was constantly bothered. That not only affected my private life but it damaged my work potential as well.

I decided to change that. I decided to be kind, more logical and sympathetic towards myself. So, I told myself what went wrong and how it could be improved all in a very polite and kind manner.


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It’s Human Nature

That’s it, whenever you find yourself being harsh on yourself whether it’s while self-talking, or while journaling or giving yourself a conversation in the mirror, be polite. Talk to your self in a way that you liked to be talked to.

This is a very common phenomenon, yet we fail to realize it. Whenever you scold a child and yell on them to do what you want them to do, you’ll see a sudden shift in their attitude, they will either resist or even if they do comply it will be very half-hearted. Just because you are looking down on them, they feel down about themselves too and that reflects in the work they are doing. It’s the same thing with us adults.


The Choice of Words

I wanted to have a very productive day with a focused mind concentrating on my time. I did affirmations for that, I placed the word in every corner of my room wherever I could. Although it did work for me, it felt really sluggish.

So, recently I read this book, The Power of Habit, Which talks about discipline and self-control. The word self-control really resonated with me. I realized that ‘Focus’ was not resonating with me as much as ‘Self-control’ was.

In my perspective, if I had self-control, I could focus more. If I can control my mind to not to think about something that is not important for me at the moment, if I can control my mind not to delve into any negative thoughts, of course, I can think better and in turn focus better. If I can just be in the present moment, my focus will definitely augment.

Choose words that resonate with you. Make use of the language that reflects you. This will help you achieve whatever you want to achieve in life and get what you want in life.


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So, these were the two steps that will ultimately help you get what you want in life. The point here is, if you make things simple, it will be easier for you to follow. Focus on these two steps and try to master them. Once you have done that you can dig deeper.

I personally found out that if I focused on a lot of things at once, I wasn’t achieving much but when I started focusing on one thing at a time, results started surfacing.

Currently, I am focusing on the word ‘Systems’. And until I have a lot of good systems in my personal as well as professional life, I will continue to focus on the word. When I have mastered it, I will move on to the next.


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