How to Get Big Sexy Hair with this Amazing Tool?

How to Get Big Sexy Hair with this Amazing Tool

I shared my Before and After Video of Hair Crimping a while back on my Instagram, and got ton of requests to do a tutorial on it.

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How to Get Big Hair?

It was actually quite easy; I also posted a Tutorial up on my Youtube Channel. But I think I left some details out, I’m sorry but it was my first video :S 😛

Click here to watch the tutorial: How to Get Big Hair with a Hair Crimper

I achieved the look with a Hair Crimper. The one that I used is Shinon SH-8088 – Hair Crimper – 3 in 1*.


Shinon Hair Crimper to get Big Hair

What is Hair Crimping?

According to Wikipedia;

“Hair crimping is a method of styling usually straight, long hair so that it becomes wavy, often in a saw-tooth fashion. Hair crimping is usually achieved by treating the hair with heat from a crimping iron (also referred to as hair crimper) or by braiding the hair, often in multiple strands, then undoing the braids.”

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How to Get more Volume and Texture?

Like I mentioned above, the best way to get big hair is Hair crimping which can be achieved by either a Hair Crimper (like the one I used Shinon 3-in-1*) or by simply braiding your hair.

Even though, I used the Hair Crimper, I still believe Braiding is the best way to crimping since it does not damage your hair and practically gives the same result.

How to Get Big Hair

BUT if you don’t have that time and patience, I will cover the Hair Crimper method in this article.

How to use a Hair Crimper?

  • Start with clean Hair.
  • Section off half inch of Hair in the front.
  • Place the section in between the plates of the Crimper and Compress. Don’t compress for more than 5 seconds. You can always go back and do the part again if you’re not satisfied but you don’t wanna burn your hair.

BONUS TIP: The harder you compress the better results you’ll achieve. I suggest, compressing from the front as well. (Wear a glove, just in case)

  • Open the plates of the crimper and slide it down the strand and compress again.
  • Do this till the end of the hair section.
  • Repeat these steps all over the head.
  • Comb your hair through for a flawless and natural look.
  • Secure the style with a light weight Hair Spray.

Click here to watch the tutorial: How to Get Big Hair with a Hair Crimper

How to get Root lift with a Hair Crimper?

  • Divide a section on the crown of your head.
  • Divide this section into further 3 sections (half inch each)
  • Leave the first section and crimp the second and third sections JUST at the roots.
  • Lock the roots with a Hair Spray.

This will give you massive volume on the crown of your head and you can leave the whole hair straight.

How to get Root lift on the side of the Head with a Hair Crimper?

  • Divide a vertical half inch section on the side of your head.
  • Compress the roots with the Hair Crimper.
  • Lock in with a Hair Spray.

Hair Stylists are using this tool to give their clients volume on their head so they won’t complain about the flat hair style.

Why I Love Shinon SH-8088 – Hair Crimper – 3 in 1*?

There are multiple reasons why I Love this tool:

  • I’ve always loved those big hair girls and now I can get that too instantly.
  • It’s a 3-in-1 which means you get a Hair Straightener, Hair Crimper and a Hair Curler in one tool (Amazing for travelling)
  • It’s 360 rotating wire. You have no idea how much that is helpful specially when curling.
  • Crimps up hair in less than 5 seconds, I completed the whole head under 20-25 mins.
  • 2 inch wide plates. Because it’s hard to do the roots with a wide plated crimper.

Why I won’t marry the Shinon SH-8088 – Hair Crimper – 3 in 1*?

  • It does not have a heat control setting. Even though it heats up to 200 degrees which is perfectly fine but I like to have it under controlled for sensitive hair.
  • The whole front barrel gets heated which is obviously built in for the curler but I actually burnt my carpet a lil bit *shh don’t tell mom*. So you have to be a lil careful with this tool.

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That’s it for the tutorial guys. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below or if you try the Hair Crimping our, do tag me with the hashtag #bobbypinup so I can reshare it on my profile as well. 

Have a Great Hair Day!

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