Here’s How You Can Find Fulfillment and Balance In Life

find fulfillment and balance in life

Finding balance in life and being able to feel fulfilled seems to have become quite tricky in this modern age.

Life’s faster, full of tech and distractions, and all of us seem to be trying to juggle all the sides of our lives. Some of us just go through the day to day life without analyzing how fulfilled we actually feel. Failing to find a balance in life can cause anxiety and stress, leaving us unfulfilled. So, what do we do to find fulfillment with a balance in all aspects of our lives?

We have few tips that will help you achieve just that. So, keep on reading.

How To Find Fulfillment and Balance In Life?


1. Understand What’s the meaning of Fulfillment and Balance for You

Not all of us have the same idea about fulfillment and not all of us achieve balance the same way.

Something that brings fulfillment to some, might become a source of stress for others. So, if you want to be able to find fulfillment, you’ll have to first find out what exactly can make you feel fulfilled. For that, you’ll have to begin with recognizing obstacles and inner barriers that are keeping you away from a joyful and balanced life.

Is it self-doubt?

Is it a toxic relationship or self-sabotage?

Is is laziness or confusion about your goals?

Is it being stuck in the wrong career and being unable to give your family quality time?

Find out the real culprit and decide how you’re going to deal with your obstacles.

Next step should be figuring out what kind of balance do you actually need.

Finding balance in life is all about de-cluttering and finding space for the things that matter the most. If you’re stuck with some toxic people, you’re probably feeling deprived of the positive impacts of being around positive people. If you tend to waste your time obsessing over things you can’t really control or things that don’t really matter for you, you’ll end up not doing the things that can make all the difference in your life.

So, start de-cluttering. Decide what kind of balance you need.

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2. Set Goals And Be Clear About Them

Setting clear goals and vivid intentions can be game-changers when it comes to bringing balance in life.

Being crystal clear about your goals is something I can’t emphasize enough on. Be as specific as possible when setting your goals. For example, instead of “I will dedicate one hour daily for self-care”, try something like “I’ll be spending thirty minutes daily on yoga and meditation and will dedicate thirty minutes for skin and hair-care routine”.

If you want to be able to work out some differences between you and your spouse, be specific about what exactly are the issues you need to work on.

These are only examples to give you an idea on being specific.

Removing confusion and lack of clarity will do miracles for you when it comes to finding fulfillment and balance in life.

Don’t only create goals, have strategies that will help you work on them. Create an accountability system and be mindful of how your routine is having an impact on your life.

Stay connected to your inner-self. If the idea of de-cluttering the unnecessary things and setting goals seems overwhelming, use techniques such as visualizing and positive affirmations to help you with your goals.

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3. Be Kind To Yourself

Do you tend to be hard on yourself for not being able to find balance in life?

Or maybe, you blame yourself for your own lack of fulfillment.

The truth is, if your mind turns against you, feeling fulfilled will get harder.

Instead of treating yourself as the problem, focus on finding solutions to your actual problems.

Maybe you want to be able to spend quality time with your family but keep failing. So, what should you do? Label yourself as the bad guy? Try to compensate by not dedicating some time for your own self-care?

Neglecting your own needs will not help you get closer to your family, but will make you harbor negative feelings, leaving you frustrated and exhausted. This is why fulfillment and balance in life are so interconnected. So, start being kinder to yourself. Here are few ideas that can help you achieve that:

  1. Keep a journal: Stay aware of your how certain things impact you and what your reactions towards those things have been. Stay aware of your thinking process and needs.
  2. Mediate: Meditation will not only help you feel more peaceful but will also help you spend some ‘me’ time.
  3. Have time for yourself: You are the most important person in your life. Dedicate at least 1-2 hours daily for yourself. During that time, do anything that brings you peace and joy. Go out cycling, take hot showers, meditate, dance, or cook – do whatever makes you feel connected to yourself.

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4. Don’t Expect Miracles – Focus on the Process

You can’t bring an important change into your life within a few days or weeks. Be consistent but don’t keep unrealistic expectations. Instead of worrying about achieving fulfillment and balance in life as soon as possible, learn to savour the process.


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Let us know how did you find our tips on feeling more fulfilled and having more balance in your life. Leave your experiences and opinions in the comments section.

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