Ancient Beauty Secrets you Need to Know for a Flawless Skin

Ancient Food Beauty Secrets you Need to Know for a Flawless Skin- AimzFolio

Human beings have been using various ways to enrich their beauty for centuries. Food and beauty also have a deep relationship. In the past, expert physicians were appointed in the palaces and used to extract natural oils and suggest various herbs to the female royal family members in order to improve beauty and skin care. With the evolution of time, these herbs converted into creams and surgeries.

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Egyptian Natural Beauty Secrets

Cleopatra is the first name that comes to mind when you think about Egyptian beauty. It’s not wrong to say that she is a pioneer of beauty secrets and history remembers her as an iconic symbol of beauty. She used to add sea salt to her bath to get rid of skin problems like eczema while the salt acts as a natural facial toner as well.

Aloe Vera was widely being used in Egyptian society to cure burns, damage skin, and weight loss. The Egyptian women had a great fancy for perfumes they used aromatic oils like myrrh and frankincense as fragrances. You also find a significant role of honey and natron for smooth and glowing skin while Henna was a natural tint to embellish nails, hands and feet.

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Chinese Beauty Secrets for Skin

Chinese are enjoying stain free and silky skin for centuries and people all over the world follow Chinese beauty rituals to get acne free and glowing skin. It’s a fact that Chinese beauty secrets are based on herbs and roots.

They use herbs as an anti-aging agent and for the clarity of the skin. Herbal teas are widely being used in China to boost the immune and digestion system while grind mung beans are known beneficial for curing acne and de-puffing.

Turmeric is considered as the best solution of wrinkles and skin tone.

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