How to fix a broken Eyeshadow with Alcohol Pads

How to fix a broken Eyeshadow with Alcohol Pads

Ever got your favorite eye-shadow cracked or broken by either dropping it accidentally or while getting it delivered via mail? It’s totally relatable and I can understand your sentiments and regrets on all that money you spent on such an expensive palette. I recently got my brow contouring kit delivered to me and to my sheer despair three of the four colors were utterly messed up and broken, so much that I couldn’t even make out the colors any more. There had to be something done to salvage them and so I came up with a simple yet extremely useful technique to fix a broken eyeshadow.


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I’ll be sharing with you my working solution to fix a broken eyeshadow palette, or any palette, for that matter, fixed. All you need is alcohol pads. You can even use rubbing alcohol given it is 70% alcohol.


You’ll also be needing a spatula (I used the back side of my tweezers), a clear plastic bag (I used a neat and clean zip lock bag) -the bag should be big enough to hold all your palette inside, some cotton swabs and Miscellar water.


Step # 1 Carefully put the colors back in their original place


Even if a few of the colors are badly mixed up together you will still be needing them to be in some place so as to use the other one’s which are still usable. So carefully place all the broken pieces back to where they belong.



Step # 2 Place the palette in the zip-lock bag and press


You will now carefully place your entire palette inside the transparent plastic bag and use your spatula to press the broken pieces into powder form. It needs to be crushed so that it fixes correctly later on. Once done take the palette out of the bag, again carefully.



Step # 3 Press alcohol pads into the palette


Take an alcohol pad the size of your pan and place it over the eye-shadow. Now gently press the pad into the powder eye-shadow with the help of the spatula.



Step # 4 Clean the rest of the palette


Take a cotton swab, dip it into Micellar water and use it to clean the rest of your palette.


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Leave the palette open to dry for a good 4 to 5 hours. You broken, useless palette is now fixed and ready to be used. It might not look as good as new but you can certainly use it better than before.


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