5 Places You Must Visit In Pakistan (If Wanderlust Is Your Thing)

You Must Visit In Pakistan if wonderlust is your thing- AimzFolio

Pakistan has great places from the peaks of K-2 to the depths of Arabian Sea. This country has bestowed by nature in all the beautiful aspects mankind could explore. Traveling is love and for this love everyone wants to tour the best in the world. If you are among those people, here are five must visit places of Pakistan. I bet, your experience would be unforgettable.


1.   Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir

The literal meaning of name is Blue Gem and it is a gem indeed! Located in the north of Muzaffrabad, Azad Kashmir (from Chella Bandi to Tau Butt). The valley holds special attraction due to lush green mountains, forests, mesmerizing clouds and serene greenery.

Neelam Valley Kashmir-AimzFolio

Picture Credit: S.M Bukhari’s Photography


2.   Naltar Valley, Azad Kashmir

The place is located at distance of 2.5 hours from Gilgit. Valley is known for its magical lakes. Because of the abundance of pine trees, valley holds spell bound magic making it stand out.

Naltar Valley Kashmir
Picture Credit: S.M Bukhari’s Photography


Naltar Valley Kashmir , travel Pakistan AimzFOlio
Picture Credit: S.M Bukhari’s Photography


3.   Deosai Plains

Located at the boundary of Karakoram and western Himalayas the plains own a signature beauty with wild flowers and snow covered mountains. The plains has no tree yet has the amusing beauty beholding all hues of nature.

Deosai Plains Pakistan-AimzFOlio
Sheosar Lake — Picture Credit: S.M Bukhri’s Photography
Deosai Plains Pakistan-AimzFOlio
Picture Credit: S.M Bukhari’s Photography
Deosai Plains Pakistan-AimzFolio
Deosai at Night Picture Credit: Usman Khalid

4.   Ranikot Fort

Ranikot, being the largest fort in the world. The fort surrounds the area of 26km. The journey is almost an hour long from Karachi via National Highway. Though the road that terminates to destination is not in a very good condition but the rusty track shows the fort is not far away.

Ranikot Fort Pakistan
Picture Credit: Farooq Somro


5.   Kerthar Area

The area serves as natural border between Sindh and Balochistan. The mountainous range includes Bandu Ji Qabar, Kutte ji Qabar and Gorakh Hill. The location is enriched with historical points, springs and streams.

Kerthar Area Pakistan-AimzFolio
Picture Credit: Farooq Somro
Kerthar National Park Pakistan-AimzFolio
Kerthar National Park — Picture Credit: WildLife

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