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What is art?

Art is anything out of the ordinary, anything you are passionate about, anything that makes you happy, anything that you are so good at that if anyone accidently sees you doing it*wink wink* as in the beginning, everybody’s shy, it amazes them and you are left blushing in the corner.

And that reaction, that appreciating look just drives you to do even better, to mature in it and make it your identity.

I meant exactly what the topic says. Find your passion, your art, your desire to do what you’re good at. That makes you happy and proud with yourself and drives you to continue doing it.

Finding your art is not that hard, with social media/internet at our disposal, so many videos and websites related to arts poking at our face every day.

I think everybody has an artist in them, it can be anything! You see a video of someone painting or cooking, maybe doing makeup and hairstyling or dancing, singing, or doing anything out of ordinary, and you get inspired just by looking at them and there it is, your art. Be a believer of the saying, “Art is in everything”. Writing is an art for the inspired writer, goal keeping is an art for the perfect goal keeper, teaching is an art for a brilliant teacher, coding is the art for the website developer. Don’t you see? Art is everywhere and it’s what keeps people going in their respective departments, keeps them happy and makes them better with time.



You start wondering, it’s keeping you up late at night. You are so full of ideas that you are amazed at yourself. That moment is when you should pick up a pen and a writing pad, and write everything you are thinking about. If it’s a sketch or a painting idea, draw it. If it’s about cooking, hairstyling, stitching or anything else, write it. Make an art diary!


Mistakes’ makes you better.

Know that it’s just a start; don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You are experimenting, you are learning. You will make mistakes or you might do much better than you think you can. If you make mistakes, accept and improve them. If you did better than you thought, congrats! There’s your ego booster, but don’t get carried away. Be happy with yourself and challenge yourself with next level. 😉


Believe and Experience.

Main thing is to believe in yourself. Once you are inspired, believe that you can do it and trust me you will.

Get experienced, at least try!

Don’t just drool over videos and wonder why can’t I do that!? You can if you want to. Start with supplies, things you’re going to need, get them, know them. Believe and understand that it’s just a start and there’s a lot to experience! One after another, try everything, every possible way to mix and match and get that color you want. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s ok if you didn’t get it the first time. You are experiencing and there’s no boundary that will stop you.

Isn’t it the best thing to know what you did wrong and how you can fix it, instead of staying in oblivion, and not realizing and improving?  Try again the next time and when it’s perfect in your eyes and you, yourself are satisfied with the result, stick to it! Congratulation, you just discovered your art!


Is it really in you?

The idea of finding your art came from the very question I usually get from people, “Can you teach us how you did that?”

Yes, you can learn but it has to be in you. You cannot just look at something which blows your mind for just that second and learn it when, in fact you are not completely passionate about it. No dude, that’s not your art.

If you’re just inspired by a painting but can’t devote yourself fully to it, it’s not your thing.

But don’t get your spirits down, as I said earlier, everybody has an artist in them. Appreciate and look more on what you are good at!

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called “stress”. Working hard for something we love is called “Passion”. – Simon Sinek


Wrapping up the discussion!

Everyone is talented and does have art in them and art is everything that is out of the ordinary. Art makes you feel alive, gives you a whole new perspective. It’s something extraordinary from your ordinary life. With our everyday routine, it works like our soul food, trust me on this. Learn, explore and find your passion, art just cannot be learnt with a blink of an eye, it has to be within us, you just need to find it. And start learning, taking steps and making small efforts.


You have to find it in you, so, what are you best at?

Tuba Ahmed

I'm taking full advantage of all the time i have after graduation, trying to build up a life I will be proud of in the future. Internet has always provided me with all the inspiration I ever needed and now i want to share this experience with others. I'm a self taught artist, oil painting is my passion and I very much see myself in the future with it. I'm also teaching as a part-time job, and now writing arts related articles so I will be of help to others.

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