Everyday Makeup Tips – Makeup Trend 2016

Everyday Makeup Tips- Makeup Trends 2016

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“Loud lip colors, jazzy eye shadows and overly worn foundations – Minus all of them if you wish to look clearly natural!”


If I define everyday makeup in simple words, it would be “A makeup with soft, pastel visibility, accentuating a simple yet stylish mystique”.  By nature, it’s tricky (but not too tough either) as you need to keep it less prominent and more natural.


Whether it’s a ravishing fair skin or an appealing wheatish complexion, a casual makeup look suits almost every skin tone. I personally love to wear it as it complements my skin color. As a matter of fact, you can’t wear those glossy reds and pinks every day even if you are just a housewife like me :). Especially, if you are working lady, you need to avoid those fuller shades because they generally look very warm and sensual. Here, you need some touch ups of everyday makeup which offers a super elegant and sophisticated look in no time!


The success tip of everyday makeup is none other than careful application! Just stick to the rules and get a dazzling look with tons of simplicity!

Everyday Makeup Accessories

Collecting appropriate accessories for a perfect makeup look is a must! Make sure you have:

  • A top quality face wash
  • Face powder
  • Eyebrow brush & pencil
  • Eyeshadow palette with brush
  • Eye Mascara
  • Blushers & blush brush
  • Lip color & lip brush
  • Soft tissues
  • Compact mirror

Everyday Makeup Rules

  • Wash your face thoroughly with a good quality face wash and wipe off all the remaining water droplets.
  • Identity your skin tone and choose the matching face powder. Say ‘Yes’ to yellow or pink based hues if you have a fair skin tone or else opt for the shades of copper and beige for darker skin tones. Never apply it overly. One or two touch ups are sufficient!
  • Comb your brows and give soft highlights by using a brown color pencil. Use soft hands. No over shaping, please!
  • Now, come to eye shadows. Apply peach, brown, cream or light pink (whatever you like 🙂 ). Avoid shimmers, highlighters ,and darker shades as you have to carry a no makeup look attire!
  • Mascara application should be done cautiously. Just one or two coats are enough to retain a natural look and feel.
  • Blush your cheeks with some cool pastels. Light pink & brown blushers add sheer charm and sophistication to your facial features. OMG! You look gorgeous!
  • Finally, you are closer to the final look! Here comes lip color application. Give your lips a matte finish by using soft pink, brown, peach or rust hues. Else go for transparent gloss, it looks great too!


‘A fantastic hairdo can uplift your appearance! So why not add some oomph to it? Fishtail braids, Messy buns & Classic ponytails are some of the best-suited hairstyles that complement your everyday themed makeup in a legitimate manner’.

I am sure you are more than happy now! Have a great day 🙂



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