Here’s How You Can End Procrastination Once and For All!


If you’ve been battling with procrastination while trying to get something done, you’re not alone.

We all procrastinate at times – sometimes, it’s moderate and harmless, at other times, it paralyzes our productivity and holds us back in life.

So, how do we actually get rid of procrastination?

In this article, we’ll discuss some reasons behind why we procrastinate and how to fix them.


How Can We Get Rid of Procrastination?

To fix a problem, it’s important to know it’s root cause. In order to stop procrastinating, we should first see what is making us delay getting the work done at the first time. Here are few reasons you might be procrastinating:


1. You’re a Helpless Perfectionist

I was watching Dan Lok’s video about procrastination, and he also listed ‘perfectionism’ as the no. 1 culprit for procrastination. He gives the example of someone procrastinating on work-out. If you’re a perfectionist, instead of actually doing what you want to do and improving by practice, you’ll overthink about how to do it perfectly. So, if you want to start doing push-ups, instead of diving into them and learning by doing them, you’ll obsess over the technique.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do things better, but when you’re obsessing over being perfect at what you do and getting it right the first time, you end up doubting yourself.

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How to Fix it?

  1. Ask yourself, how are you going to get better at something without actually doing it?
  2. The old saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’. Trust the process and love what you do instead of worrying about how others are doing it.
  3. Set achievable and realistic goals and work out them with consistency.


2. You Can’t Help But Compare Yourself With Others

Unhealthy comparisons can sabotage your life like nobody’s business. Chances are, you’re procrastinating because you keep on comparing your skills, your level of education or experience, or whatever you have and your are capable of right now with what others have.

This is linked to the perfectionism problem as well, because it makes you want to be better than others. The Best.

As a result, you avoid taking the small steps and don’t celebrate your small achievements.

How to Fix it?

  1. Concentrate on your own journey – stop obsessing over what others are doing. Do get inspired but don’t doubt your own uniqueness.
  2. Working on self-growth helps you get rid of such unhealthy tendencies, so try to be the best version of yourself.

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3. Laziness is Holding You Back

You’re all set to start working on your new project, start your workout regimen, or work on anything you want to achieve. You’re sure nothing in this world can stop you now. But then, you go like, ‘Whatever, I’ll start from tomorrow’.

Laziness can be there because of some underlying health issues. It can also can be simply a behavior that you left unchecked. Or it can be both. Whatever the reason may be, laziness is a huge factor when it comes to procrastination.

How to Fix it?

  1. Let’s start with fixing your health. If laziness is something you’re absolutely unable to move past, do see a physician, because you may be dealing with some nutritional deficiencies. Adopting a healthier lifestyle should fix this problem.
  2. Accountability can help you deal with procrastination causes by laziness. Form a group of friends or any like-minded people where you get inspired, motivated, and pushed to work on  your goals.
  3. Set deadlines for yourself and stick to them.

4. Inner-Conflict

You overthink way too much, over-analyze your every move, and are always in a conflict with yourself. Dan Lok describes people with this behavior as ‘The Futurists’. Continuing using his example of someone procrastinating on doing push-ups, he says that a futurist would start making excuses such as, ‘What if I develop way too much muscle?’ or ‘What if my future self doesn’t like it?’

This is also a very common behavior and we’ve all indulged in it at times.

We plan on doing something but then we start concentrating at the dark side of everything. We end up getting put off.

How to Fix it?

  1. Be aware of how your own mind is working. Try to be logical and critical while making a decision and don’t let fears hold you back.
  2. Write down all of your fears or whatever doubts you’re having about something. Then, write all the ways doing that thing can influence your life positively.
  3. When in doubt, get a coach.
  4. Understand that you’re always going to have doubts and fears to some degree. Don’t take your own doubts and fears too seriously.
  5. Write down all the ways not taking action and procrastinating on important stuff can ruin your life.

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5. You Lack Focus

In Dan Lok’s words, ‘You can’t get to quality without quantity.’

If you avoid focusing on one thing and keep oscillating between ideas, you won’t be able to excel at what really matters. Suppose, you want to bake the perfect cake. You decide to go with one recipe, but then your aunt tells you, ‘nope, this is how you bake a great cake.’ So, you decide to go with that recipe. But, then you realize, hey, maybe I should bake muffins instead.

The lack of focus keeps you from achieving your goals and you keep on second guessing and doubting your ambitions.

How to Fix it?

  1. Meditation: It will help you connect with yourself, be more present, and will also improve your ability to focus.
  2. Journal writing: It also a great way to get in touch with yourself and be aware of what’s going on inside your own mind.
  3. Don’t just aspire, make decision: If you want to bake great cakes, then do go on experimenting and attempting to improve your baking skills. Make a decision that you’re going to work on something and stick to your decision.


If you need some more motivation to achieve your goals and become a better version of yourself, download our free Monthly Win Calendar.

So, here were our tips on how to get rid of procrastination. Let us know if you’ve tried any of these tips on fixing the issues that can cause procrastination. Or, share your own tips in our comments section.

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