How to Effectively Lose Weight Only by Walking

how to effectively lose weight only by walking- AimzFolio

Obesity ruins your personality and affects your appearance. Moreover, it greatly affects your health. People look for different ways to get rid of it as it triggers serious health problems which even take you to the death bed.

The lazy lifestyle is the major reason of obesity as people keep sitting whole day in front of laptops and TV screens which have absolutely eliminated the workout factor from the lives. Walk is the easiest and beneficial way to reduce weight. It lowers your fat, reduces heart issues, and removes the problem of bad cholesterol.


1)    How Walk Helps to Reduce Weight?

According to the research of the Stroke Association, 30-minute walk every day burns 75 calories and you can increase it up to 95 calories if your speed gets 3mph. The sweating in the result of walk helps to tone your muscles and improves the blood circulation. Moreover, toxic materials come out in the form of sweating while the outdoor walks increase vitamin D level as well. You feel a good change in your mood due to the release of endorphin hormones which are responsible for reducing stress and anxiety.

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2)    Best Time for Walk

Scientists consider morning is the best time for the walk and exercise as body temperature is lower and stomach is empty in the morning. The cool breeze and calm atmosphere are some other perks of the morning walk.

However, if you don’t have time in the morning then it’s better to go for a walk before lunch. The people having tight schedule can walk at night after dinner, but make sure one hour gap should come between dinner and workout.


3)    Ways to Make Walk Interesting

  • Always wear nonirritating and comfortable clothing
    • Go for a walk with your best friend
    • Listen to music and wear a pedometer for motivation

You can also have a walk regime at home (try to step out and make this the last option). To make your walk most effective, follow Leslie with her 1, 2 or 3 mile challenges. She has made it super fun with simple & easy moves to target all muscles. Just start it with one mile and make you way up to 3 mile walk. 🙂

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