5 DIY Acne Sheet Masks You Must Try!!

Five DIY Acne Sheet Masks.

Acne is the bane of this century. There are a  few of us who have been lucky enough to escape this pain. But worry not, for where there is pain there is cure too. Nature and science have brought us evidence after evidence that acne can be treated by carefully using one or more of natural/man-made treatments. Even when there is no one clear cut treatment for acne that works for all there are dozens of methods and tips to follow for a better, clearer, healthy looking skin.


Let’s dive into my Five Sheet Masks for Acne Prone Skin. These will work for oily as well as combination skin.


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Our core component in these 5 sheet masks is going to be Hydrated Sheet Masks I got from Jollychic

These are compressed fresh cotton tissue facial masks. I have been looking for these for such a long time, and it really excited me when I found them on Jollychic. I also looked for them in various online companies that sell them, and as per my experience the acne one’s are the most expensive ones out there.

This one cost me around 30 Saudi Riyals (Which makes $8 and right now you can get them for as low as $4.99 on sale) and it has got around 100 pieces in it. This product comes in a cute little neat packaging. It also comes with a free spray bottle and a free container.  You can follow this link to get a similar one as I got.

Other Places you can find Compressed Cotton Facial Masks :

SOUQ – https://souq.link/2XcLFGh



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All you need with these masks is some water diluted mixture that you wish to apply on your face. These absorb the entire mixture all the while retaining their shape. So let’s dive into our Five DIY Acne Sheet Masks.


#1 DIY Aloe Vera Sheet Mask



Aloe Vera Gel


Mask Sheet

Make sure your aloe vera gel is fresh. I am using the one from the Natural Republic. You can also extract fresh natural gel from the aloe vera plant if you have one in your close vicinity. These are common indoor and outdoor plants at home and come with tons of supplemented benefits all the while looking exquisitely beautiful.

The gel is not only a good relaxant, it soothes parched skin and has some great anti-acne properties too. I have been a loyal user of aloe vera gel on any rash I get on my hands, arms or my face. Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties which are very good for treating acne.

For the face mask take a table spoon full of Aloe Vera gel in a container and dilute it with water. Mix it well and it’s completely okay if you get some lumpy consistency because Aloe Vera gel sometimes tends to come in a somewhat lump like gel.

Toss your sheet mask into the mixture the sheet mask will absorb all of the gel. Mine looks like a little round tablet and if you are like me you will find the expansion quite satisfying. Leave in the sheet until it absorbs all or most of the mixture and fix the mask on your face.

Open up the mask sheet very gently otherwise you might tear it apart. Leave the sheet on your face for about 30 minutes and sit completely relaxed. I would suggest you don’t wash the liquid left on your face instantly because it is actually quite good for the skin. The longer the better.


#2 Egg White Sheet Mask



An Egg

And Mask Sheet

For this sheet mask all you need is a an egg. You have to separate the egg white from the egg yolk for this. What I prefer is to crack a little part of the egg to make a small opening for the egg white to pour out. The egg yolk remains inside the shell.

Once you have a considerable amount of egg white with you, use a whisk to beat the egg until you see tiny bubbles forming on the surface. Let your mask sheet sit in the egg white until all of it is absorbed and finally apply on your skin for a good 20-30 minutes.

One of the greatest complications of acne prone skin is loose skin. Using this mask, only after 3-4 applications, you will notice your skin tightening and the pores sinking.

Previously I used to apply the egg white with tissue paper and used to be left with some of it on my face. This method makes the entire process much more easy and worthwhile. You also have the satisfaction of nothing going to waste.

Believe me you will love the results. The skin will feel especially tighter and brighter.


#3 Honey Sheet Mask



Honey (Preferably all natural)


Mask Sheet

My personal favorite is an all natural honey by Al-Shifa, you can take any honey you have with you. Take around half table spoon of honey and mix it in with water until it dissolves in the water.

The water’s temperature should be warm enough for the honey to easily dissolve itself in. Soak your mask sheet until all of the mixture is absorbed. Enjoy a nice soothing face mask for a good 20-30 minutes. Just be mindful as to not tear the mask apart while applying.

Honey sheet mask will help in reducing redness and get rid of pimples. It has amazing anti-aging properties. It is a very good anti-bacterial and counters inflammation too.  Not only that honey is a pleasant moisturizer too.


#4 Green Tea and Rice Face Mask



Rice Flour

Green Tea (brewed)

Tea Tree Oil

Mask Sheet

For this I took a few green tea leaves and brew them up in a cup full of water for about 4-5 minutes. For rice flower I took some organic brown rice and pressed them into a consistent powder form. I personally feel brow rice have more nutrition value and will perform better.

Please be mindful of the temperature of the green tea. It has to be lukewarm or at room temperature for you skin to bear it. Tree tree oil (or you can use any personal favorite essential oil) will actually help in getting rid of acne scars.

Also both rice flour and green tea are rich in vitamin E and are good antioxidants. You can also include honey if you like.

They will help you in brightening up your skin and soothing out any harsh or uneven skin texture.

For the consistency take a table spoonful of rice powder and take 2-3 table spoons of green tea depending on the amount of liquid the mixture requires. Finally add a few drops of tea tree oil and soak your mask in.


#5 Charcoal Sheet Mask



Aloe Vera

Activated Charcoal Capsules

Low Acne Face Serum


Mask Sheets

Take about a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel (fresh or stored). I am using Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal Capsules for this method. You can also use the powder form if you like. I personally find these more effective.

Open up the capsule and pour out all of the powder inside your container with the Aloe Vera. Next you pour in the face serum. I am using the Low Acne Face Serum by Hemani. You can also use coconut oil in it’s place if you have dry skin.

Activated charcoal treats acne and rashes by trapping and removing all of the dirt that causes acne. It has both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is amazing for spot treatment.


That’s it guys I hope you find most of them effective for your acne curing journey. You can store all these mixtures in your refrigerators for a good 4-5 days. I otherwise recommend fresh.


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You can follow the entire procedures on YouTube too


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