Cute Beanie Hairstyles for winter 2015

Cute Beanie Hairstyles for Winter 2015

As soon as the Winter arrives, everyone will grab a beanie.


I don’t know about everyone else, but I get tired of doing same things over and over.

In this case! I mean just throwing a hat the same way as always.


I was browsing for some new ways to create beanie hairstyles and found some really cool ideas that will keep me going this winter 2015.


Beanie Hairstyles are way better than just throwing on the hat because as soon as you take it off, you’ll be left with ‘Mufasa’ Hair.


Beanie Hairstyles with Waves

Add some waves to the hair along with the beanie. Leave the waves hanging, for a warm, messy and casual look.

It will go amazing with short/ medium and even long hair.


Curl it up!

Lucky are those people with natural curly hair.

Adding some curls to the hair specially bangs and tucking the hair inside the hat, leaving a few strands and the bangs, will create a romantic, bouncy look.


Beanie hairstyle with Side braids

If you used to think braids are only for summer than you’re wrong!

Braids keep the hair tucked together, avoiding any knots which can damage the hair during winter.

You can even have a side braid, maybe two with a beanie. It looks quite girly and fancy at the same time.


For a softer look, leave some layers out of the beanie.


Beanie Hairstyle with a low bun

This year is all about buns.

Buns keep the hair tied to the back or to the side. They are quick and easy to do.

You can create all sorts of buns, I think, but the most possible one could be at the back of the head with the beanie for work or casual grocery shop visit.


Also, try a side bun for a more formal/chic look.

Some of my Messy Hairstyles can also be included with a beanie.

For some fun beanie hairstyle inspiration check out the videos down below.


Have a great Hair Day!



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