Beauty Care 101 for Busy Women


No matter how tired you are, your face needs a thorough nightly cleaning. This nine-minute procedure will banish every trace of daytime makeup, and I’ve got an AMAZING facial massage as well.



Let’s get started…

First up, tie back your hair.

Then… dip fingertips into cleansing cream or shake on a blob of lotion. Starting at center of the forehead, move fingers out and up in swift strokes.

Work your way down the forehead…

Repeat procedure five times. Place fingertips firmly on temples and massage in a circular motion.

Catching up so far???…

Okay now…

Renew cream. Press fingers firmly against inner edge of eye socket, and hold for a count of three.


Work your way around upper eye socket – pressing, holding and releasing.

Renew cream.

Work your way back along edge of lower socket (pressing, holding, releasing) halfway to the nose.

Finish by gently stroking closed eyelids three times.

Wasn’t that sooooooooo relaxing????  😀 😀 😀



Place creamed fingertips along side of nose.

Stroke gently but rhythmically down & up, over cheeks and toward temples.

Repeat 10 times.

Move fingers to area between mouth and chin, and repeat the same strokes, again 10 times, always ending at the temples.

Finally, creaming thumb and fingers, grasp tip of chin and work up along jawbone to the temples, pressing up against jawbone firmly with thumbs.


Finish with another circular temple massage.

Splash your face with cold water until all cleanser is removed.

Blot dry gently with a towel.

Moisten a cotton ball with an astringent or freshener, and go over entire face to tone the skin.



WHEN drinks and dinner come right on the heels of an exhausting day, the temptation is to touch up daytime makeup and hope that under dim lights people won’t notice.

They won’t, but they won’t notice you, either. With our plan, you can put on full evening makeup, from scratch, without being late.


Dab moisturizer on forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Blend in, using gentle, upward strokes. Then stroke a concealing stick quickly under eyes and along creases at side of mouth.


Apply foundation and a dusting of powder to set it. Whisk on powder blusher: a dark tone under the cheekbone to contour; a lighter tone over cheekbones and up toward temples for a healthy flush.


For an extra rosy effect, add a touch of pink to tip of nose and chin. With an eyebrow brush, sweep brows up and out, to make eyes look wider.

For eyeliner, use a soft, moist crayon (black or brown) over and under lashes. Smooth your favorite eye color over the lid, and run brown pencil lightly along the crease. Use a smidgen of pearly highlighter under the brow, then blur it all gently with a cotton swab for a smoky effect.

Next, apply two coats ( 😉 ) of roll-on mascara to upper and lower lashes.

Last, paint on a mouth with a lip brush, and fill in the outline with soft, creamy lipstick. Finish with a gleam of lip gloss at center to catch the light.



WITH a good basic short-to-medium haircut, a shampoo and set is a matter of minutes. This plan allows nine minutes for shampoo and scalp massage and nine minutes for blow-dryer styling.

Shampoo hair under shower, using one application of a conditioner shampoo. Towel, and apply an all-in-one conditioner and setting lotion.

Comb hair through, then massage: Run fingers through hair and knead scalp with knuckles. Then, taking one section of hair at a time, grasp firmly and pull. Repeat until you’ve covered the entire head. Run fingers through hair again, and comb.

To set, comb damp hair with a wide-tooth comb in the shape you want it to take. Then, with blower on high, blow hair upward from nape of neck. Use fingers to keep hair in motion. Keep blower 10 to 15cm from scalp, and keep it in motion, too, so that heat will not dry scalp.

When back is almost dry, repeat on the sides. Then go to the front. Blow hair first away from face, then toward it. Repeat several times, always keeping fingers and blower in motion. When entire head is almost dry, switch blower to a lower setting.

Brush hair the way you want it, and follow the brush with the blower. Wrap curls or side flips around brush, and run blower back and forth over brush-wrapped sections. Finally, remove brush and push hair into place with fingers.



MANY women think of a pedicure as a complicated, time-consuming procedure. This basic pedicure, like the other beauty regimes detailed here, takes nine minutes or less, and even includes a mini foot massage.

Start by removing all traces of old polish. Go around the edges of each nail with a cotton swab dipped in remover, to be sure that none adheres to the cuticle. Next, plunge feet into warm, soapy water, spiked with a little bath oil, and scrub with a soft nail brush.

Work especially on heels and soles. If there are rough spots or calluses, pumice lightly. Dry feet thoroughly, paying particular attention to the area between toes.

With the towel, gently push back the cuticle on each toe, and rub away any particles of dead skin. Next, smooth on moisturizing lotion kneading feet with both hands, and pulling gently at each toe. Remove cream, especially around nails.

With nail clippers, trim nails straight across, leaving them just long enough to protect the sensitive skin beneath the nail tip. Don’t attempt to shape them: cutting down at the sides can produce ingrown toenails.

Next, prop up one foot, and place balls of cotton between toes to keep them separated. Paint each toe with clear, colorless polish, using three strokes: one up the middle of the nail and one up each side, working from base to tip. Repeat with other foot and, leaving cotton in place, let toenails dry.



MOST busy women skimp on exercise. But a few minutes a day of body toning can keep you in top shape. Start with the torso.

Stand straight and tall, legs apart, and raise arms as high as they will go toward the ceiling. Now stretch up higher: first with one arm, then the other. You’ll feel the pull on your torso. Repeat 20 times and relax.

Stand with legs apart and arms outstretched. Bend halfway over, and bounce gently 20 times. Return to standing position. Now bend all the way over, arms hanging straight down, and bounce 20 times again.

To tone waist and stomach, again stand straight and tall, legs apart, arms outstretched with palms facing up. Moving from waist, stretch to one side as if you were trying to reach the wall. Keep legs and hips in position. Now stretch to other side. Alternating sides, repeat this 20 times.

Stand straight and clasp hands behind head. Raise left leg and try to touch right elbow; then raise right leg and try to touch left elbow. Repeat, 10 times on one side, 10 times on the other . . .

Get down on the floor; lie flat on your back, legs stretched out straight. Raise legs 5cm, and hold for a count of five; raise halfway up, and hold to a count of five, and finally raise legs as high as they will go, and hold for a count of five.

Lower to mid-height, then to 5 cm off floor, holding each time for a count of five, and relax. If this exercise is difficult, do as much of it as you can. You might begin by raising legs halfway, holding for five and lowering. It becomes easier with practice.

To tighten legs and buttocks, start by getting down on your hands and knees. Keeping arms straight, bring one knee up to chest, and kick straight back. Bring back to kneeling position; repeat 10 times with each leg. Still kneeling, bring one knee up to chest, and kick out to the side. Repeat 10 times with each leg …

Kneel with body straight, arms over head, thumbs locked. Swing lower body to the right and sit. Lift body back to starting position. Swing lower body to the left, and sit. Repeat 10 times to each side.

Sit on the floor with legs and arms stretched out in front of you. Inch along the floor, as if you were walking on your buttocks. Do 20 steps forward and then, without moving arms or legs, 20 steps back.



THIS instant hand-grooming routine, done regularly, will keep nails and hands in the pink of condition.

Begin by removing any trace of old polish. Dampen a cotton ball with polish remover, and wipe each nail clean, using gentle, outward strokes. Trace around nail edges with a cotton swab moistened with remover, and use an orange stick to clean under nails. Rinse fingertips and dry.

File with an emery board held at an angle, using the rough side first, then the smooth, working from side to centre. File in one direction only.

Next a quick sudsing in warm, soapy water to help soften cuticles. Push them back gently with an orange stick wrapped in cotton and dipped in cuticle remover; then rinse.

Trim away dry skin and hangnails, but don’t cut the cuticles themselves, this can create more hangnails. Using the fine side of the emery board, smooth away any toughened skin at outer corners of nails.

Finally, take a minute or two to massage in a generous dollop of hand cream.




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