12 Amazing Bridesmaid Hairstyle for a PERFECT Wedding Day!

Brdesmaid Hairstyles 2016

Choosing a hairstyle as a bridesmaid is no easy task. With all the duties to carry out and the bride hustles, the bridesmaid should wear her hair in a way which is comfortable yet unique and should last all day.


Apart from the below mentioned ones, you can also try out my list of Messy Winter hairstyles for the wedding.


Bridesmaid hairstyle should be simple with an elegance.  If you’re a bridesmaid-to-be this wedding season, this list will definitely solve your hair problem.


Knot Braided updo (Bridesmaid Hairstyle)


As a bridesmaid you want your hair fancy but away from your face. This tutorial shows an amazing bridesmaid hairstyle combining knots and bringing the hair down as an elegant chignon.



Chic French Twist for Long Hair(Bridesmaid Hairstyle)


Girls with long hair often have trouble for making hairstyles, specially to themselves. Tanisha from Ehowbeauty.com shows her tricks how she does bridesmaid hairstyle on her clients. You can try them on yourself, too.


Side Swept Cascading Curly Hair


The most beautiful (in my opinion) way is to curl your hair into a pretty side swept. The side parted and loose curls give you a romantic feminine touch. Perfect for bridesmaids…



Chic Party Half Updo(Bridesmaid Hairstyle)

If you’re not one of those ‘super girly’ Girl, then this could be the perfect bridesmaid hairstyle for you. I love how edgy this ponytail looks. The side corn rows gives it kinda rock star touch.



Twisted Crown Wedding Hairstyle


Not a lot of people can pull off a crown braid, but if you have a boho themed wedding messy crown braids looks so good with the outfit. The hairstyle can be great for summer/spring weddings. You can even add a few flowers in it, too. (that would be so pretty).



Hollywood Waves


This look is inspired by the most glamorous Divas of Hollywood. Waves are so perfect for a glamorous, party kinda wedding. If you don’t want your hair tied to the nape of your neck then you should try this tutorial step-by-step.



Emma Stone Inspired Bun


This is an elegant and timeless hairstyle that can be done on medium to long hair. This hairstyle is suitable for a formal wedding and can be achieved without any extra help.



Dolce and Gabbana inspired Bridesmaid Hairstyle

This is a beautiful recreation of Dolce and Gabbana Bridesmaid Hairstyle. It can be done on any hair length and would look so pretty even for the bride.



Double Loop Braids with curls

Evelina shows this hairstyle which looks sooo beautiful on her long shiny blonde hair.This hairstyle can be achieved on any type of hair. It can be worn on a winter, outdoorsy kinda wedding. I love how detailed this tutorial is.


Messy bridesmaid updo for Short Hair

If you have short hair and you think that you can’t make anything out of it. I’m gonna stop you right there. Coz, this pretty lady shows an amazing twisted updo on her short hair. It is so easy to do and looks really pretty as a bridesmaid.



Braided Short Hair

I’m not gonna say a lot about this one, but, it is so casual yet so stylish. (Just the way I like it 😉 )


The Elsa Braid

Last but definitely the best girly bridesmaid hairstyle this year would be a BIG Elsa’s Braid from the movie Frozen. Braiding your hair as a bridesmaid is actually perfect coz it looks casual, pretty, simple, intricate all at the same time!



That’s all of my favorite Bridesmaid Hairstyles that you can try in 2016. If you try any one of the above bridesmaid hairstyle please share with me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.


Have a Great Hair Day !


a Beautiful Wedding Season!

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