Bridal Makeup Trends around the World

bridal makeup trends around the world

A trend is (according to Google) ‘a change in a certain direction


Every country has a set of cultures and traditions for every occasion. Learning new cultures has always fascinated me for some reason. It’s true for the Fashion Industry, as well.


Bridal makeup trends are set in one part of the world and are adapted by every region according to their own cultures or traditions.


A bride, from any nationality, wants the best for her wedding day. Obviously!


Bridal Makeup Trends around the World

Pakistani Descent

Although, the makeup is inspired by Arabic style, a Pakistani bridal makeup is less harsh on the eyes. The face is flawlessly contoured and highlighted. It’s typically a heavy makeup with different shades of foundation on different parts of skin to enhance their natural Features.

The main focus of the makeup is usually on the ‘Eyes’. The makeup usually matches the bridal outfit. Unlike Arabic makeup, the makeup is barely sparse and have youthful look.

Henna/ mehendi is a must for every bride in Pakistan.

Indian Descent

Indian brides have a separate henna tradition in which they first bathe the bride with Ubtan (a powdered mixture which is mixed with water/rose water to apply for a healthy and glowing skin). Milk is then poured all over her body to enhance her beauty. And finally henna is applied on her hands and legs.

The base of the makeup is kept radiant in an Indian Bridal Makeup.

A tillak (big red dot) is applied between brows.

Some brides might change their wedding dresses throughout the wedding. So, the bridal makeup must complement all her outfits.

American Descent

For American brides, every little detail of a wedding counts; from shade of the lipstick to choosing the china plates. For these emergencies, a team of bridesmaid is made by the bride herself. The makeup however, is on the softer tone.

The brids on keeping the makeup natural but glowy.


African Descent

An African or African-American bride needs makeup that fits her skin tone.

Highlighters and bronzers can be her best friend on this day. It is advised to stay away from shimmery products to lessen the shine.

The darker the skin tone the darker you can go with your lipstick. (That’s my favorite part:D )

Arabic Descent

Arabic Brides focus on dramatic looks. Eyes are made bold and gorgeous with soft edges. The color pick is actually quite genius with sharp edged eye brows.

The skin is flawless and the base is quite heavy. They really accentuate the skin color and features, avoiding any marks or blemishes.

You know the Kardashian Contouring? Well! The Arabs have been doing it since Forever 😉

English Descent

An English Wedding is filled with traditions. English wedding Brides love a touch of Blue in their makeup.The hint of blue can diminish the redness and can make the eyes look even brighter. Which is necessary specially when a bride is under stress with all the preparations and traditions.

The base is generally neutral with a glowing touchThe look is quite sensual.


Well, obviously there are so many traditions and I didn’t cover all of them in a single post. If you like my post, let me know if I should write about other cultures, as well.

Have a Beautiful Wedding Season!


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