how to bleach acne prone skin

Last week I did a Spa like Pedicure at Home post in which I used bleach to get rid of any tan skin on feet. A lot you have asked me to how to make facial bleach for sensitive skin. So in this post I’ll be walking you through the exact process I’ve used to make bleach for acne prone skin. You can also use this bleach for skin whitening at home.


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Before we start there are a couple of precautions everyone must take:

  1. If you have a sensitive skin, or even if you don’t, please do not use bleach as a whitening product. I use it to get rid of any tan, discoloration or to hide peach fuzz on my skin.
  2. Only use it ONCE a month. Not more than that. 
  3. Before using this bleach on your face, test it on a small patch to see if it’s working for you.


With all the precautions laid on the table let’s jump right into the process of making our very own bleach for acne prone skin.



  1. Two parts hydrogen peroxide (20% Volume)
  2. One part bleaching powder
  3. Secret Ingredient: A teaspoon of Soothing Lotion


Make sure you are using hydrogen peroxide with 20% volume only. You can use Jolen, or any bleaching powder you prefer. As for soothing lotion, use whatever brand you like or have been using previously. Soothing lotion is what will make your skin baby soft and smooth after you bleach with this bleach recipe.



Mix all the ingredients together until you get a nice and smooth creamy consistency.


How to Apply:


Once you’ve mixed the solution apply it on your face. Make sure your face is clean and any dirt that you could possibly remove has been dislodged from your skin.


Leave the bleach on for 20 minutes.


Use ice cold water to rinse off you face.


Use an ice cube over you face once you have properly washed off. This will help set any open pores to rest and not be too reactive.


That’s it. Enjoy smooth, glowing skin in your natural tone.


Learn how to make bleach for acne prone skin on my Youtube Channel


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