Pro Tips to Spark up your Makeup Techniques

Pro Tips to Spark up your Makeup Techniques


For women makeup is pretty important. Being a professional makeup artist is not necessary to achieve a flawless look. Following a proper technique can yield into high-end results.

One thing is for sure, practice makes a woman perfect. So, if you know the right tricks it wonโ€™t be a big problem to do your own makeup.

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Base for the Makeup

First things first, Foundation, the Base of every kind of makeup look. Foundation is the most important step in the makeup. It can make a huge difference. You need to learn the type of your skin (is it oily, dry, acne-prone, oily+dry). My favorite tutorials: This foundation tip can change your life, Perfect Skin, Dry/Pale Skin, How To Cover Acne & Scarring

Highlight and Contouring

2015 is all about contouring your face shapes. Obviously, there is a line between just enhancing the features that your already have and sculpting on an entirely different face. Whichever you prefer, there are tons of tutorials out there, but personally, I prefer natural contouring just to make my features more appealing after the foundation.

How To Contour Like A Contouring Artist, Kim Kardashian’s Makeup secret!, Contour & Highlight | Drugstore Update, How to Contour Your Face Shape

Perfectly Winged Eye Liner

There are millions of tutorials on the internet that can show how to create a perfect eyeliner easily. Obviously there can be more than one way to do it, as there are billions of people on this planet with different eye shape.

My favorite tutorials are: Vintageortacky for Simply Be, My everyday Winged Liner Tutorial, Perfect Winged Eyeliner! (New Technique!)

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Big Eyes

I love those big, droopy, doll eyes. And I always try out different looks. Some tutorials that I find works best for me, Iโ€™m gonna share with you all today: Make Your Eyes Appear LARGER, HUGE EYES – 8 tricks YOU NEVER KNEW, Kawaii Dolly Makeup!

Perfect Lips

It seems pretty simple, but honestly applying lipstick can be tricky. There are different ways to perfect lips, these are my favorite ones: Perfect Lips Everyday & Long-Wear, Perfect Lip Application, Apply Dark Vampy Lipstick, Classic Red Lips

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