My Acne Skin Care Routine – How to treat Acne Prone Skin

Acne Skin Care

Acne is one of the most common skin problems of the world. The nightmare of more than a million people, it has no one straight cure that everyone can rely on. You will find tons and tons of remedies out there, different for each skin type, age, gender and region. What’s important is you realize the significance of knowing your skin better and keenly observing what works for your skin and what doesn’t.

My skin is quite acne prone and a combination of oily and dry, so in winters it tends to be overly dry (just like the flakes of snow) and in summers it takes to it’s oily self. The T-zone is oil’s best friend on my face, where as acne takes to the cheeks. But hey! I found a way out to clear it all away and if you have a similar skin type, you can definitely benefit from my knowledge mine and take it to work out wonders for your skin.

So what is it that I do to get rid of these obnoxious looking, tiny beauty-enemies on my face- my acne skin care routine. Following is an extensive list of the products that worked for me and how I use them to give off their best results. As mentioned before, taking care of your skin is all about gaining knowledge about it, so you ought to know what works for you. Some of these products might might not work out for you as good as they work for me, on the other hand you might have a fair chance that they would. So all these products I have found, are an amazing cure for my acne, do share with us your experience with any of these in the comments section.


#1 Face Wash

So first things first. My most important skin care product is my face wash. Face wash is something you use daily, more than just once and you have to make the right choice in the product you so trust to be applied on your face with such a frequency.

I use Neutrogena Acne Face Wash , which is my favorite acne-fighting brand because it has worked wonders on my skin.

You will continue to see my admiration for Neutrogena as you continue to read. I have been using their Acne Free Face Wash Microclear, but their Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser works as well.

Aloe Vera Face Wash

Another remarkable product for you to use, especially for the residents of Pakistan (the makers have a shop in Lahore), is the Insta Organic Aloe Vera Face Wash. I came to know of this brand through Instagram and it has been utterly amazing. It will only cost you around $2-3 and easily last you a month.

I can’t wait to get back to Pakistan and get my hands on this gem of a product. My skin loves it- it helped clear my acne extraordinarily well and if that weren’t enough it served as a moisturizer too. Most of the acne products will dry your face like anything and will leave you with no other option but to moisturize your skin. But this friend of our here will not only clean sweep the acne away but will beautifully moisturize your skin too.

So if you are in Pakistan please go and get your hands on one asap. The shop is called Insta Organic, you can find the full address in the link.


#2 Cleansing

My next step is usually cleansing. Pores help your skin breathe, and just as healthy breathing is synonymous to healthy life, the health of your pores is directly related to the amount of air they get. One of the most common causes of acne is clogged pores. Cleansing will help you get rid of all the dirt that starts residing in your pores.

My favorite product in this regard is Garnier Arabia Miscellar Water. I have literally replaced my make up remover with this one product. Although other removers do help you put off that layer of make up but they hardly do anything about the residue that ends up in our pores, Miscellar water will do that for you, it will get to your pores and clean out that extra bit of make up.  If you are my follower on Instagram, you must be well aware of my crazy crazy love for Misceller Water. It lasts you MONTHS, even when you use it so well.

Goat Milk Cleansing

Remember G for Goat and G for Glow. For cleansing I prefer to use Goat Milk, because it really brightens up your face and gives you that glow you’ve been aiming to get all this time. I strongly recommend trying out Saeed Ghani Goat Milk Cleanser, it is a very fine cleanser which works beautifully for my acne prone skin. It moisturizes your skin too, making it as soft as a baby’s. Definitely try it out.


#3 Scrubbing

Next in line is scrubbing. Usually people with an acne prone skin don’t go for scrubbing because they think it is going to ruin their skin, but in reality you really should be scrubbing regularly. Your skin accumulates dead skin on top it self and if you don’t clean it out more breakout is expected to happen. So yes, you need a good scrub to do the job for you.

I use Neutrogena Oil Free Daily Scrub for Acne Prone Skin every other day. Yes I tend not to use it on daily basis because then my skin will become used to it and that will hinder its working, which I clearly don’t want.

Here I would gladly mention that only 5 months ago I had the most awful acne and this routine really turned my nightmare skin into my dream one. Yes, there is some scarring left but that will go over time. I hardly get any more pimples as for now, this skin care routine has changed the condition of my face for good.

I am also very particular about my diet, not going into the details, but yes having lessened the acne-causing foods in my diet HAVE helped a lot. If you wish to get your skin clear, you need to work inside and out.


#4 Toner

Next is Toning. My go to product in this category is Farmasi Lemon Toner. I sometimes use it when I don’t have my Micellar Water around, using it on a cotton pad to clean out my make up. It does a really good job, it’s a very apt toner and will help you freshen up your skin.


#5 Face Mask

Last thing on the list is face mask, this is something I do daily because I firmly believe that doing so helps me clear up my skin even better. So I have a best friend here, and have been using this face mask for around 4 to 5 years now, ever since my sister introduced it to me. I use Neutrogena 2 in 1 Face Wash and Face Mask  as a face mask and have never really used it as a face wash. It is good for clearing up all that unwanted acne. Leave it on for about 20 to 25 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. I am sure it will leave your skin fresh, soft and so much better just as it leaves mine. In time you will see your acne going away.

I personally would suggest you to do it every other day, again for not letting the skin get immune to it. This in addition to my Turmeric Chickpea Face Mask.  The later one is a DIY Face Mask – all natural and my favorite.


So this is basically my skin care routine to deal with my acne. I only moisturize my skin during winter and for that I use the Vitamin E Moisturizer by The Body Shop. It really worked for me in winters but when I tried using it in summers it just didn’t do that well. Perhaps I’m missing out on a good summer moisturizer for my skin. But even without one this skin routine doesn’t really let my skin stay dry.


Some other Products in the list

I would like to mention some other products I use every now and then. They work for me, might as well work for you.


Tea Tree Oil by The Body Shop

It’s a facial oil by The Body Shop. I won’t say it’s that great a product and that you should really buy it but you might want to use it if you want to get rid of the rash that you get every now and then. A rash indicates that a pimple is coming soon. Take a bit of this oil on your finger or a cotton swab and gently put it on the affected area. It will take 2 to 3 days to work. Not one of my very favorites but yes I do use it when rashes start to appear on any part of my skin.


Avon Clear Skin Blemish Rescue

Another product I use is this Clear Skin Blemish Rescue by Avon. This guy here will help dry out your pimple. It often works but sometimes it might not. You will have to leave it overnight for it to dry out the pimple, of course it will still take a few days for the pimple to completely vanish but this product really helps in drying it out instantly. I really feel that this is an amazing product by Avon. You should definitely try it out especially when you are in desperate need of a rescue.


Queen Helene Mint Julep Face Mask

Queen Helene Mint Julep Face Mask  The last product on the list is a cool refreshing clay mask. It will feel very soothing on your skin. Again won’t say this one is a game changer for me like the previous one’s but yes I do like to use it in combination with the other masks. Like maybe use this one day and then use the Neutrogena one the other day.


So yes, this was the much awaited extensive list of all the things that have helped me cure my acne. That last and the most important thing to keep in mind is that you have to go find out the core reason why you have acne, the things that are actually causing you acne and you have to get rid of them. For me it’s SUGAR. Yes it is hard but I have tried my level best to eliminate it from my diet.

That’s about it. Do tell us if you liked our share of knowledge. Don’t forget to follow us for regular updates. Also do share with all your friends in desperate need of getting their face clear of acne. 


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