About AimzFolio

Aimz’ folios are smoothly simmered blend of life, health, enthusiasm, faith and inspiration. We believe that each of these attributes bring out the true aura of BEAUTY within as seen from the outside. To further enhance the exterior, we share tested tips for hair and skin beauty. Each folio is then topped with passion and energy that can be clearly seen.The team then serves them with a pinch of style on state-of-the-art platter.

Welcome to the World Of Vigor

The team at Aimzfolio is driven with an urge to lend a hand in making each day of yours a worth living experience. Let the spirit fired up, let the energy soar high in the sky, let the breeze of serenity over power everyday and let the worry be at arm’s length.
Discovering new means to achieve a goal, putting up efforts in everyday to enhance knowledge and digging out possibilities from the impossible; is what we believe in.

Share with us!

We are providing a platform for every enthusiast of knowledge-sharing. Let the world hear your experiences by sharing your very own posts. Be it exciting and adventurous or tragic and full of wisdom. Furthermore, tips and tricks for helping the global community are more than welcome.

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The Team

Aimz Khalid

The entrepreneur behind AimzFolio, Aimz Khalid is an artist-to-be; sketch artist, hair-styling-geek, a freelance writer and most of all a selfie-obsessed.  These crazes are not sufficient to satisfy her quest; she is still figuring out her greatest passion in life.

Aimz Khalid, 20-something is a bachelor’s student, who dreams to travel every-centimeter-of-the-globe.

“You say I dream too big; I say you think too small”.


Unaiza, the co-founder at AimzFolio, is a writer at heart with the brains of a developer. To inspire and to lead is her goals. She is more of a reader than writer. Her research for new queries and fresh solutions never cease.

A Telecom engineering grad with particular interest in App development, she engages herself to bring personalized user experience.

“It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you.”


An official author at our magazine, Faiza is a technology coach, a graphic designer, a lecturer and a mentor. She wishes to augment her audience through the web.

Along with the techie side of Faiza, there is a natural beauty conscious part of her personality. Bringing out fresh all-natural-ingredient hair masks, hair tonics and blends of all-purpose hair oils is her obsession. Her ever new recipes for skin care are worth trying.

“The longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when you get it.

Because anything worth having is definitely something worth waiting”.


An architect & a designer by profession and a traveler by heart; Nimra aspires to see the world, learn about cultures and someday would love to be known for her travel writings.

An animal lover by birth, Nimra believes that relationships we develop with pets has no similar language. When an animal loves you back they are just humble, kind and lovable gestures that have the language of love in its truest sense.

“Everyplace is beautiful every second has something new to cease in it, its matter of eye *to see or not see* that is the question.”


Student of B.S honors in Management Sciences. She is a volunteer, a painter, a freelancer, a researcher and a quality reader. She believes in a self-made life with her own efforts and skills. She is interested in travelling and crazy about having adventures in life. She believes to try every fair thing that comes to her mind. She is passionate  and a fun loving girl.

“They told me I couldn’t. That’s why I did”
“Love the Life you live”


Together, our goal is to inspire and spread the word of beauty within along with beauty outside.