A Twisted Mermaid Braid Tale!


Once upon a time, there was a braid so beautiful and elegant that caught the attention of a young hair enthusiast. That hair enthusiast (let’s name her Aimz 😛 ), searched far beyond Pinterest and Facebook and YouTube to find a tutorial to achieve that hair look, but failed at every attempt.

She decided to take matters in her own hands and mind, and used all (very tiny bit of) knowledge that she had but she could never perfect it. 🙁

One day, when all her hopes were dead, her eyes saw a picture on YouTube that was …….. What??? Is this it? Are all her dreams finally coming true?

Yes! Yes! She finally found a tutorial on …… wait for it……. ‘The Twisted Mermaid Braid’ <3


LOL that was so lame of me but I had no idea how to write this post. 😛 I’m so sorry…


But seriously, the idea of the story was 100% true. I always wished to do this braid and have searched for it on every social media for a tutorial but didn’t know that it’s actual name was ‘Twisted Mermaid Braid’.

 The Twisted Mermaid Braid’ looks so attractive for weddings, proms, and any other formal event. I’m so excited and wanted to share it with everyone. Yay !! 😀

twisted mermaid braid backtwisted mermaid braid right side
twisted mermaid braid left side twisted mermaid braid

I’m gonna list EVERY tutorial on ‘The Twisted Mermaid Braid’ in this blog post so ANYONE can benefit from it.

Twisted Mermaid Braid | Halloween Hair Tutorial by MissySue

Twisted Mermaid Braid by Luxy Hair

Curly Twisted Mermaid Braid Hairstyle How To by Confession of a Hairstylist

(This is the one that I recreated)

Faux Twisted Mermaid Braid | Greek Goddess by Cute Girls Hairstyles

Tucked Twisted Mermaid Braid by Kristen Zellers

( Rememeber how I talked about an insta Account with beautiful Silver Hair in my Instagram Accounts that will bring out the inner Hairstylist in you? I found her on YouTube 😀 and No I’m not stalking her!)


I hope you guys liked my recreation.  You can also follow my Instagram or Facebook Page for more of my Hairstyle recreations.

Have a Great Hair Day!

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