7 Youtube Channels to Jazz up your Hairstyling like a Pro!

7 Youtube Accounts to jazz up your hairstyling like a pro Pinterest

I won’t say I’m a professional hairstylist yet but I do love hairstyling. Although, I did not have the opportunities to get certified Hair Education. But luckily, I had Internet!


I learned everything that I know regarding hair and hairstyling watching Youtube videos or reading different blogs on the Internet. I know a lot of people have told me I’m not a real hairstylist but it just what I love to do and my clients think I’m doing a great job on their hair. 


I’m really passionate about my work so I decided to practice from all the resources that I can find. And I’m gonna share with you all the resources that helped me the most in my journey so maybe some of you can benefit from these.

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This is a list of 7 of the Youtube accounts that have taught me Salon like hairstyling, hairdressing, haircutting and hairstyling tips. And no! these are not the Youtube Gurus but are Real Hair Designers that teach Hairstyling. And no! I’m not getting paid to promote anyone here.


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He is amazing. He has Hair cutting tutorials, Hairstyling Tutorials and his tips are so unique. I love the way he teaches how to give value to your clients.

Guy Tang (YOUTUBE)

I used to follow him on Instagram where he uploads teasers of his videos. He has Hair dying tutorials on his channel and they’re a beauty to watch.


Ruslan Tatyanin (YOUTUBE)

He’s (I think) Russian. So, I never understood what he’s saying or what are the titles of his videos but his hairstyles are worth it. His actions are enough for me to follow.



It is rare to find wedding hairstyle tutorial on the internet, but this channel has beautiful intricate hairstyles for you to practice.


Toni & Guy (YOUTUBE)

I don’t need to say anything about the work of Toni & Guy. But the channel has amazing hair cutting techniques that will definitely make you a pro.


Premier Orlando (YOUTUBE)

This channel is ONLY for professionals. It has tutorials from World famous hairstylists. I absolutely LOVE it.


Free Salon Education (YOUTUBE)

Free Salon Education is mainly focused on Haircutting tips and techniques. And the directions are super easy to follow.


Hope you find these channels helpful. These are the ones that have made me a much better hairstylist sitting at home.
If you like this resource list please let me know in the comments or if you have any requests I would LOVE to hear from you.

*Bonus Hairstyling Tip* Just practice on anyone that you find. Everybody loves a free hairstyle 😉

Thank you!

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