7 Proven Ways to Rock your Year

7 Proven Ways to Rock your Year

Skill and hard work, if we possess either of the attributes than the confidence to succeed comes uninvited.

Undoubtedly, two major qualities of winners, these however, fail to bring home the success for many.

Why? Among many reasons, I have chosen the most important for the post:

The attitude!

Our attitude or the emotions often cause major hindrance in the path of the success.

Well, many may disagree with my opinion, but here is the reality:

Let’s say we got landed with some amazing opportunity. And are all set to avail and make the best of it. When suddenly, the guy related to the opportunity said something very offensive. Now, we can either react as expected or be polite instead. The choice is ours.

It’s a tough choice for the emotional person, I agree. A moment of thought can help us make the right decision. But, that’s exactly where most of us fail. Thinking straight for a moment before reacting!


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Inspired by this article, I will try to highlight less thought over qualities of successful people.


1)    Rejection never matters!


Want to be successful? Never take rejections to heart!

Rejection only means that our true worth is not yet recognized.


The failures clearly show that we are trying.


The master is the one who has failed more than the beginner has even tried.


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Think about it, the time wasted to be sad can be availed to be more successful. Which brings us to the second point:


2)    They know what to do & when to do it!


Folks who realize the right time to do the right job are always successful.

Our 6th grade teacher once told us to not to engage ourselves in activities that are not suited for our age. The right time will come to enjoy every activity.

All my life I have stuck to the saying. I find it applicable to everyday of my life even today.

For example: the successful people understand the importance of keeping themselves updated and adding new skill sets. So, instead of making excuses, they manage time! They are ready to sacrifice what holds lesser importance for what is better in the long run.

I would just like to add that planning ahead makes a great deal of differences. Doing exactly what is right for every moment makes you STAND OUT.


3)    Their Self-Talk is refined


The way we address ourselves goes a long way in determining our confidence.

If we are harsh and rude in the self-talk, the ultimate result will be that we will start believing in these untrue facts. Getting rude to ourselves often involves the thoughts inculcated by others. So, never believe in everything you hear about yourself. We should be ready to listen to the critics; but having our own opinion about the circumstances is crucial.

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4)    They avoid Over-Thinking!


There are always three sides of the picture: ours, theirs and the truth!

The successful people are aware that the truth holds more significance than their perception of the events. Instead of lengthening the chain of thoughts, they take action to find the real facts…

We all face troubling situations, or the true harsh facts of life that are hard to ignore. If we really wish to be successful, keeping ourselves busy and taking lesser time to think about what can’t be changed would be the best shot.


5)    No Complaints for a successful year


The winners of the game are always contented with what they have.

They know that if a calamity is hitting them, they are not alone. There are millions suffering from the same hardship. Having such a positive attitude towards odds, make them strong.

Now, their efforts are more directed towards the solutions of the problems; and not the problems themselves. The suffering,thus, is greatly reduced.
So, what’s the take away?

Be contented with what you have; there are people dying to get it. Trust in your abilities to achieve things rather than being blessed with perfect situations.


6)    Take some Break


Giving 100% to work doesn’t necessarily mean working 24×7. For maximum productivity, our brains must provide best outputs. The key to get successful outputs is to have healthy mind and body.

A tired mind will only slow down the output.

Engaging into healthy activities, or hanging out with the ones we truly enjoy can be the best possible way.

Taking out just a few hours to check important emails and writing back is definitely a good idea. But never over indulge in work on weekends; in order to be really successful.

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7)    Get support


I would wrap up my post by the tip that helped me the most in the journey towards success; getting the support of the right people.

Being talented and highly motivated are the best qualities for a successful year.

Still, there are events when our morale is too down to keep us moving ahead. There are days when our motivation gets down by slow success rate or the like. If there are people who make us the positivism in the darkest hours, we can never fail.

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7 thoughts on “7 Proven Ways to Rock your Year

  1. I love this advice! These are all excellent points and something I’m constantly striving for. I love all the points, but as a psychologist I have to say taking breaks is a huge one for productivity! My concentration is on workforce psychology and it’s amazing how taking a break seems to be counterproductive, but in the end it really does boost the productivity. Even your mind needs time to recharge. It’s sort of like why we sometimes come up with the best ideas when we’re on a walk or in the shower. That little break gives your mind a chance to wander and reorganize itself. I have a successful 2016 on the mind and things are looking up! Hope 2016 is just as successful for you!

    1. Thank you so much Mary for liking the post 🙂
      I cannot agree more to your point, I personally get the best of my ideas while working in the kitchen or in the shower 😀
      Its great to get some insights from a psychologist, thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow! Such insight! That is so true! So many times success also comes from how we portray ourselves (#3). I believe its good to take in constructive criticism, but its also healthy to weigh everything out as well. We have our own stories to tell & goals to reach. Sometimes, everyone else will only pull you down with the negative things, but staying positively true to yourself will bring life to the goals & dreams you are pursuing. With the help of a good community that also has a similar perspective.

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