6 Ways to Use Miscellar Water || Ft. Garnier Arabia

Ways to Use Garnier Water || Ft. Garnier Arabia

As you know, Miscellar Water is such an amazing product for me due to it’s gentle effect even on a sensitive skin like I have. It is basically so many skin care products in one Bottle. 


And today, I’m going to share with you 6 Different Ways that you can use your Miscellar Water. 

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Miscells are tiny molecules which attract makeup and dirt from our Skin and thus helps removing them. These particles when released in soft water makes an excellent Cleanser for Face and Body.


When Buying a Miscellar Water make Sure that it does not contain Alcohol or else it will dry out your skin. 

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  1. As a Makeup Remover:

    This is probable the most common one so far. But as I have an acne prone Skin, I never thought some product so light would actually clean my face without ripping off my pimples. Just pour on some Water to a Cotton Pad and Wipe off your Makeup. It cleans off the toughest Liquid Lipsticks 😉

  2. To Clean Makeup Mistakes:

    You know how we look at Instagram Pictures and wonder if we’d be able to create that winged liner or carved out lips? Well, you can because with Miscellar Water and a Q- Tip you can erase any mistakes that you make during the makeup application.

  3. Take Off False Eyelashes:

    Isn’t it so satisfying after a long day of wearing makeup to tear up our False Eyelashes? <3 But Wait! It can break our natural lashes along with them. Just dab a cotton pad dipped in Miscellar Water on your lids for a few seconds and then remove the lashes. This will remove the falsies with no pain.

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  4. Spot Clean your Makeup Brushes:

    Well, this is such a life saver. Since, my ELF Spot Cleaning spray didn’t work out so well or maybe similar. And this is so much cheaper so you can just save it in a spray bottle and spritz on some paper towel and swirl your brushes on it. 

    P.S. this only works for spot cleaning not deep cleansing. 

  5. Wash your Eyelashes:

    Have you been disposing the falsies after a couple of uses too? Well, if you buy good ones they can last more than 10-15 wear. All you need to do, is keep them clean by putting them in on cotton pad dipped in Miscellar Water and leave them for a couple of minutes. The glue and mascara comes right off and you’ll have new False Eyelashes every time.

  6. As a Cleanser:

    Yes! The Miscellar Water sucks up impurities from you skin. So, you can use it instead of a cleanser or you can include it in your double cleansing routine and use it to remove any dirt, sebum or oil and then go ahead with Milk Cleanser etc. 

    Now you know why I love my Garnier Miscellar Water so much? <3 After this post, I bet you’ll love it too!

See you next Week! Bye!!

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