5 Stunning Abstract Paintings that will leave you speechless


Abstract art is the art that is interested in understanding, and that is a delightful aspect concerning it. This art doesn’t bounce out and announce “THIS is what I’m about.” Instead, the artist obliges you to have an open, asking mind; you should enter the canvas and see where it takes you


Let’s take a glance to the 5 most beautiful abstract paintings that will lead you to a whole new world of happiness or sorrows.

  • Stenographic Figure by Jackson Pollock (1942)

Stenographic Figure is brilliant and vaporous. Reflecting, maybe, his new association with painter Lee Krasner, it is frequently perused as a leaning back female whose head in picture is at the upper left, and arms and hands are opened wide over a middle that extends over the center of the painting, and legs are spread over the right edge. It is considered to be one of the best paintings.

  • Composition VII by Wassily Kandinsky (1913)

Kandinsky’s “Composition VII” is legitimately thought to be the summit of his work of art before the First Word War. The fundamental topic, which is an oval structure converged by an unpredictable rectangle, is seen like the inside encompassed by the vortex of hues and structures. By method for records and a few works examination workmanship students of history characterized that the “Composition VII” is a mix of a few topics to be specific Resurrection, the Judgment Day, the Flood and the Garden of Eden. Such blend is communicated as a beneficial interaction of immaculate painting.

Composition VII by Wassily Kandinsky
Picture Credits: http://www.wassilykandinsky.net/work-36.php
  • Pablo Picasso (1907)

Pablo Picasso, who spearheaded cubism, painted this work in 1907. Regardless of not being completely dynamic, it contains numerous components of bending and deliberation and was very not normal for anything that had been painted some time recently. Here is one of its abstract arts.

Picture Credits: http://www.arthistoryarchive.com/arthistory/cubism/Pablo-Picasso.html
  • The Scream, by Edvard Munch (1893)

Basically this popular picture is personal, an expressionistic development taking into account Munch’s genuine encounter of a shout penetrating through nature while on a stroll, after his two allies, found out of sight, had abandoned him.

Edvard Munch
Picture Credits: http://theartist.me/collection/oil-painting/der-schrei-der-natur-the-scream-of-nature/
  • Going West by Jackson Pollock (1935)

One of his prior works, Going West is a case of Pollock’s initial advantages and painting style, and also his very own history. It has been proposed that this artistic creation was propelled by a family photograph of an extension in Pollock’s origin, Cody, Wyoming.


going-west by Jackson Pollock
Picture Credits: http://www.jackson-pollock.org/going-west.jsp
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