5 Monochromatic Paintings that will leave you speachless


MONOCHROMATIC: One Color Many Meanings

Monochromatic paintings can show specialists’ effective lessons about how light and shading can make shapes in a structure. Painting in different shades of a solitary shading can educate and enhance your more propelled, shading rich work by helping you distinguish contrast versus depending on tone to assemble a piece.

We will provide you with a number of tutorials that will help you learn how to draw and paint the monochromatic drawings. There is a unique style and approach of such paintings. This activity will show you how to paint in monochrome in a straightforward, controlled strategy: by making your own particular paint by numbers piece. It’s a fun venture, as well as it will show you profitable lessons about organization, differentiation, and shape.

Tutorial No 1:

This tutorial will help you to create a master piece by just using a single color that is gray. The link is given below.

    Reference: Empty Easel

Tutorial No 2:

Monochrome painting is a very tricky and deep art which is sometime difficult to understand and most of the time it is use to test the ability of the artist. But things can be made easy if you know that what a right place to seek help is. The following tutorial will show you some easy steps to move to a delicate art.


monochromatic painting

Reference: Art Teacher Creature

Tutorial No 3:

You can learn how to translate your amazing thoughts by using a single color in your color palette as you get to know more about colors, tones and shades plunge into worth as you utilize light and dim to create dimensional structures. The link of the tutorial is mentioned below.


Reference: http://georgetownatelier.com/tutorials/painting-tutorials/monochromatic-painting-tutorial/


Tutorial No 4:

Sometimes we do not have much time in our busy schedules to meet the daily requirements. So one can take advantage of the fact and use an already built tools and software to bring the monochromatic effect in any image. Shocked? Yes this could be done easily by following the simple tutorial.

Reference: Julianna Kunstler

Tutorial No 5:

There is an art of knowing how the light and dark can play a significant role in describing the details of a picture. Just by making some dark lines in the light can change its look and feel. Similarly the same concept is applied to monochromatic paintings. Want to know more. Visit the link below.

monochromatic painting

Reference: https://www.craftsy.com/blog/2014/12/how-to-paint-in-monochrome/

So I think that these links help you somehow in understanding the concepts of monochromatic drawing.

Happy Drawing!

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