5 Most Dangerous Things Done in The Name of Beauty

5 Most Dangerous Things Done in The Name of Beauty- AimzFolio

The society pressure of looking perfect forces women towards dangerous practices in the name of beauty. Unaware of the side effects of the chemicals, they use various things which result in fatal diseases and allergies. Unfortunately, women are ready to endure severe pain and are readily to spend millions of dollars just to get perfect skin, hair and body.

Following are the most dangerous things that we must avoid for a healthy life:


1) Lead Makeup

Lead poisoning skin

Lead is widely being used in beauty products for a smooth and glowing skin. Women use different creams in which an adequate amount of lead content is presents to get fair complexion. On the other hand, chemists consider lead the most dangerous element for the human body as it absorbs in the body and poison it. Constipation and dry skin are some other drawbacks of lead makeup.

lead and arsenic poisoning - AimzFolio
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2) Arsenic

Arsenic poisoning
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Beware if you’re using arsenic products for getting rid of unwanted hair. Cosmetic companies also claim that their products containing arsenic fairs the complexion and remove dark spots from the skin. The use of arsenic is lethal for the human body as it swells the skin, causes goiters and allergies.


3) Mercury

mercury poisoning skin
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Cosmetic companies are using mercury in the manufacturing of powders and ointments. Moreover, the weight reduction and birth control pills also contain a small amount of it. The presence of mercury in the body triggers several problems like depression, fatigue, and birth defects.

Ask yourself, is it really worth your health?

Photo Credit: news.webshots.com/photo/2904822150056011884jWUupA
Photo Credit: news.webshots.com/photo/2904822150056011884jWUupA


4) Lard

Women have been using lard to straighten hair and adjust their wigs for centuries. The lard dipped wigs are a major source of itching and lice. The danger gets significantly higher when you wear lard wigs all day long and don’t shampoo before going to bed.


5) Tapeworm Diet

dangerous-diet-plans - beauty hazards-AimzFolio
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Don’t use tapeworm diet for quick weight loss as it welcomes permanent problems. Malnutrition and abrupt weight gain are some serious issues related to tapeworm diet.


Wrapping up:

Don’t get your hands on the products that are IN or that provide easy & quick solutions to beauty and health problems. Do your research for what is present in them before exposing your body to it.


Stay safe!

Do you know a thing that is poisoning our lives gifted by industry on the name of beauty? Share with us your experiences and the hazards associated with them.

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