An Interview with 3-Idiotz Pakistan – “The Rejection of the First Video of 3-Idiotz didn’t Stop them from Trying!”

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3 Idiotz Pakistan is one of the pioneers of viral short funny videos; having a following of 5 hundred thousand on Facebook alone! Hammad, Kashan and Faisal jointly founded 3 Idiotz as a means of expression on current affairs. The scale of these affairs started off from a sarcastic TV commercial and today varies from the current political situation to how a norm is reflected and conceived by the locals. Their hilarious short videos depict how these 3 brains see and observe the world. Their unique ability to present everything on an extremely lighter note makes them most vital in the industry.

Hammad is one of the co-founders of 3 Idiotz and in his words he had no idea what 3 Idiotz is and what it will be in future. With his downright humbleness, Hammad took us to the journey of the making of 3 Idiotz as to how 3 people directs, produces, acts, design sets and write dialogues to blow the minds of million. Currently they have a huge fan following and its growing every day

We asked Hammad a series of questions to know more about 3 Idiotz and the mastermind behind it.


When were 3 Idiotz formed? What is the idea behind it?

“It was formed back in 2010 when we were university students who liked to hang out together and make videos for fun. We used to receive appreciation from our friends and friends of friends. By the end of 2010, I popped an idea to my mates that lets just post all the videos we made so far on a public page and see the response.

The idea worked like a charm. We got shares and soon some of them were viral on the social media making 3 Idiotz more popular.”


It has been 5 years, what do you think presently is the driving factor?

“Whenever we upload a video on Facebook the overwhelming response we receive from our followers is the whole sole driving force for us to come up with even more entertaining content.

All three of us belong to engineering background; we were not familiar with the technicalities of film making, whatever we have learned so far is by our own will and determination. Acting is something we always enjoyed doing. Video-making is just our hobby; something we do for fun.”


After this bash of success, do you still consider it your hobby? How do you associate yourself with 3 Idiotz now?

“It is our passion, our top most priority now. We have jobs as a source of income and we did not earn from our videos until last year. Now, some of them are sponsored while others are still unpaid to us.

But, it is something we do for ourselves and we don’t mind making nothing out of it. We still consider it our hobby the most interesting one indeed.”

How 3 Idiotz do manages to successfully maintain its originality in the world of vines and funny video making?

“When we started making videos, the public was less equipped with technology, there were no Android phones or tablets, it was time of less mobility where a person needed to sit down in a room in front of desktop PC and login to social media and as soon as you logout, you lose the connection to the updates; but now the time have changed.

It is nice to see new comers entering this field and they often contact us for a word of advice, we are glad to be of any help. On the other hand, all the contemporary video makers are our friends and we form a social and interactive peer group. They all know our journey: how we became what we are today.

Now replying to the part of the question of what makes us stand us in the crowd. 3 Idiotz are not vine makers; we develop a plot, build characters and always try to focus to have a beginning and an end in the video followed by a social message occasionally.”

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When did 3 Idiotz become an income generating source?

“When we formed 3 Idiotz we were not expecting fame or money, although, it feels good when it comes along. But, well, we weren’t too sure that our humor will be so popular.

3 Idiotz doesn’t have a YouTube channel, that being the main source of income for video makers, but since we do it for hobby only we try to avoid getting ourselves into the hustle.

Now, every video is viewed over 300,000 times, different brands approach us to showcase their product in our video. Despite all of this, money is never our motivating factor. We encourage sponsors but the quality of the content is NEVER dependent on it.”


How will you relate your failures along the way to your success?

“Initially we used to make our videos using a mobile phone’s camera; we lack the knowledge of correct camera angles, production quality, direction, etc. So, you can say that the fame we got was purely based on the content. We decided to submit one of our videos to a youth festival’s short film competition but our entry was rejected provided the reason that the video quality is not as per standard.

We accepted it calmly and made another video using a borrowed DSLR to submit it in the same competition next year and came back home with 1st prize. Later, we took another step ahead and submitted the same video to the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA), Islamabad short film festival and stood tall there as well winning the first prize again.

Here comes the most interesting part, the winner got a DSLR as a prize. And that DSLR is still with us increasing the so called film quality of 3 Idiotz videos.


How do you perceive competition and how do you avoid repetition of content and keep your ideas exclusive?

“Few years back, for an over a year we slowed down, because our focus was shifted to our jobs and careers. If we were insecure of our reputation we would have continued making videos every week and compromise on the quality even just to be present on the scene.

Later, we analyzed the situation of the current trends and came back with a bang with our very famous ‘Amir Liaqat’s parody’; the video got viral in no time and it is still one of our most popular content.

We try not to follow the norm by making typical vines instead we emphasis on the quality and maintain a unique script. Our videos are like “the world through our eye” kind of an approach. Our prime agenda is to fulfill the expectation of our audience.”


What are the future plans of the 3 Idiotz?

“We are now taking this to the next level and soon we will be reaching out to our audience via theater. We are planning to mark our presence in theater as well and see how that turns out. Apart from that, the goal is to reach out the masses and entertain our public through local content based on local situations.”


Quick tips you would like to give the new comers who want to make good videos and enter this field?

“Often people contact me on Facebook and ask how to get thousands of likes on Facebook and how to produce content that can go viral. They ask to share some formula to virtual success, but they all fail to realize that you need to give it sometime, work on your script your dialogues and the matter. Public is not stupid! They are more exposed to entertainment than ever before there is no formula to overnight success.

Still here are some quick tips that I will share for the new video makers.

  • Keep your videos short and crisp, preferably less than 2 minutes. Remember, you don’t want to bore your audience!
  • Work on your content primarily, do your research to avoid repetition. Learn camera angles; direction it will come along the way.
  • Dialogues should be witty and context should be reflected in your script.
  • Keep in mind what you and your friends might find funny but the public might not feel the same. Here, the understanding of your audience is very important.
  • There is no secret to bring likes on your page. Fake likes will do no good to you. Stay steady, don’t forget the reason you decided to take the first step and don’t lose yourself in the crowd in the name of ‘follow the trend.’

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