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Products I'm not going to buy

Back in August, this year, I started planning a post on my 2017 empties – the products I used. What went well, what went not-so-well and what actually went awful – everything coming your way in the following list. Also to mention, everything in the list is what I have recently used – i.e. after August 2017; so my thoughts are pretty much fresh too.


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#1 Garnier Micellar Water

One of my holly grail products out there. You must have seen my love for this product, because it has featured in so many of my videos and blog posts because this is absolutely on of those products you could live by.  You would definitely like to read about how this one product comes handy on so many occasions in my 6 Ways to Use Miscellar Water || Ft. Garnier Arabia

My skin, as you must know, is very acne prone and makeup usually gets stuck in my pores. Normal make-up removers have hardly ever worked well on me and whenever I had to remove my make-up there was a long list of things to do. Starting of with cleansing, scrubbing, face mask- what not. Imagine doing that every time you had to remove make-up. But with Garnier Micellar water I cleanse and wash my face off later and done!

What’s even better a bottle lasts you a long long while. I don’t even remember when I actually bought it but it has lasted me a good time now. It says on the bottle that it is good for up-to 200 uses and I am very sure they are absolutely right. It’s definitely a good buy.

#2 Saeed Ghani Hand and Feet Cream

Saeed Ghani is a Pakistani Brand and me and my family have been very faithfully using it for many years now. The best thing about their products is that they are all made of natural ingredients. This Foot and hand cream is one of their most famous products.

It is very moisturizing for normal feet but I have really really dry feet. If I pedicure my feet today they’d start flaking right the next day. So even this cream could not work on feet like mine.


#3 Clay Play Borax Powder

This is yet another item I bought from Pakistan. This is by a local brand with the name Qubbles Bath & Body. It is a brand by a woman who is a blogger herself.

This is a great face mask, it cleanses my skin really well. It reduced my tan, which I got in Pakistan, but won’t say it was all that it took me to get rid of the tan though. It was a good buy but I won’t say it’s a must buy.


#4 Sonata Gold Feet and Hand Masks

This is going to be a very lousy review. I bought these masks because they were only for 5 Saudi Riyals.  They claim to whiten, peel and moisturize your hands and feet with gold collagen.

I saw another Youtuber review an under eye gold patch by the same brand. Although her reviews weren’t so good, and she claimed that nothing really happened in with the application on one mask, I still decided I will try it for myself and decide because I was curious what could I get for mere 5 Saudi Riyals.

You had to wear the gel for about 15 minutes. As soon as I tried it my mind started pumping various questions and fears; they are only 5 Saudi Riyals what if they ruin your skin? Maybe they will ruin your skin. Perhaps because my mind was running all these fears I could feel my hand tingling under the mask. When I took it off after 15 minutes my hands very smoother and softer and I would say they next day they did feel a little brighter but I would still not recommend this product for the reason that I am myself not much comfortable with it.


#5 Batiste Dry Shampoo

I have tried various other dry shampoos but this one by far is my most favorite one. it works tremendously well.

It also helps in texturing your hair. This one was for 35 Saudi Riyals and is such a good buy.


#6 Neutrogena Visibly Clear

This is a face wash and face mask 2 in 1. I have talked a lot about it in my acne skin care reviews. You an check it out here:

This has been my favorite for 5 years now, I’ve been loving it ever since and you can get a hand on one from any pharmacy. I recommend this to anyone who has or doesn’t have any acne and wants a clear face. This product, according to me, does an incredible job.


#7 Clear Skin, Clear Emergency Instant Spot Treatment by Avon

This is by far my most favorite spot treatment product. I have used one suggested by a dermatologist, but even that did not work as good as this one.  If that one worked for 70% of the time this one works for 90% of the time.

#8 HD Concealer by eIf Cosmetics

This one is in the shade fair. The day I started using their product I have not been able to use any other product. This one is the winner from all the concealers that I ever bought. I conceals literally everything from our under eyes to your blemishes to any scars that you may have.

It even conceals my under eyebrow area even when I have not plucked my hair front there.  It also highlights the brow area very neatly. I got it from iherb for only 11 Saudi riyals. The only drawback is that the quantity is somewhat too less but still worth the price.

#9 Sierra Bees Lip Balms

I was never a lip balm person, even when I felt the need to moisturize my lips I would use Vaseline. One day my best friend told me she could just not go out without a lip balm so I decided to try one for myself. I was in WB Stores when I was in Pakistan and I got this Lip Balm with was organic and natural. I decided to try it but hen I started using it I got so hooked with it that now I am totally obsessed with it. Now like my best friend I can not go anywhere without my lip balm.

The one I have is a cocoa butter flavored lip balm and it’s good on the lips, very moisturizing, get’s rid of your chapped lips but the smell isn’t the best part. It goes away soon but nonetheless this is a very good product.


So that’s about if for my 2017 empties. Please do tell if you want one for my 2018  empties. I do not empty much in a month or else that would have been an option too *laughs*.

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