100 Day Challenge + free Worksheet inside!

My 100 Day Challenge

Like I talked about my weight loss journey in the last blog post in which I discussed that I’m on a mission to change my body in a healthy way. There are tons of things on my list to be healthy but stop drinking soda drinks is my first and foremost thing that I think I should change immediately.


I know, people say don’t STOP all at once… have it when you feel like it. I agree with them. In the first two years of my weight loss journey, I did the same thing. I’d avoided it until it was impossible to.


How I figured that Soda Drinks were the reason for all of my problems?

But, something happened when I moved to Karachi for further studies. (Let me tell you) I’m very close to my cousin and we have this thing when we’d gather on a Saturday for a movie night. And you know what movie nights mean? Pasta ….. chips ….. PEPSI. We loved it (I still do I mean it’s pasta. please!)


Anyways, in the beginning it was just these nights that I would have sodas. The next thing I know I’m back to drinking it on a regular basis.


It’s just one bad habit. That’s allowed” That’s what I said!
But as it turned out, that one habit was my biggest problem.
The days when I didn’t consume soda drinks my skin was healthier and I would feel healthier. The days when I did have soda I would feel bloated and weak. Lazy is a more appropriate word actually.


It took a lot of time for me to realize that OK! I gotta get rid of this thing from my life.


It wasn’t easy I’m telling ya! but since I’ve done that (October 2015) I have more energy. I’ve been completely focus on avoiding one thing at a time. i.e. BAN soda drinks from my life.


These are just calories packed in a can. Whenever I’m craving one or I’m low on energy I’ll have a juice instead. They do have sugar and I know they’re not super healthy as well for weight loss but at least they have some nutrients unlike a can of soda. 



I wanna enjoy my life to the fullest!

Now, there are critics like, life is too short have fun! My answer to them is:

“EXACTLY! I wanna enjoy my life and a can of empty calories won’t help me in any ways”

I’m not so nerdy to tell you the serious health hazards about soda drinks and I’m sure everyone knows and if you don’t lease google. I’m sure you’ll be convinced if you care about your health.


100 Day Challenge!

I recently took a 100 day challenge on not drinking soda drinks. (I’ve cheated in the first week already) It’s nothing too complicated It’s just that I would not have a can of soda for the next 100 Days. Ofcourse after the challenge has finished It’ll be easier for me to get rid of soda cravings.


I even created a worksheet for anyone who wish to take this 100 Day Challenge. (Just Click the link below for a free 100 Day Challenge worksheet)


100 Day Challenge Free Worksheet — Click Here!



This challenge is not only for people who wishes lose their weight but for anyone who wants to change a habit permanently. (Click to Tweet about this)


This is my #1 step towards healthy lifestyle and if I complete this successfully (which I will), I’ll be one step closer to my goal.

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2 thoughts on “100 Day Challenge + free Worksheet inside!

    1. I’m on day 62 and have only had Pepsi like two days. I can’t wait to share my experience. try this 100-day challenge. It’s amazing how committing yourself can make a huge difference.

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